How to Apply Makeup to Take Years off of the Face

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Makeup isn't just a tool for looking good - it can actually be applied in such a way that it can literally take years off your face. Apply makeup to take years off the face with help from a licensed esthetician, makeup artist and brow artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kristie Kennedy a licensed beauty professional. Today, we are going to discuss how to apply makeup to take years off the face. When applying makeup to look younger, look more youthful things that you can do. Go with a creamy blush as opposed to your powders. Powders are typically drying to the skin. I'm just going to apply this with my fingers right on the apple of the cheeks. Smile for me. So the dewy look helps to keep that youthful appearance. I'm just blending that in with my fingers. And you can use a brush. That's tip number one. If you are trying to create a younger appearance stay away from those dark colors around the eye area. So we are going to go with a nice burnt orange, just nice and soft. I'm going to apply a light egg shell color as the base. I recommend you stay away from those shimmery, glittery products if you are looking for that young look. You want to stay vibrant. Because they tend to attract more attention towards those fine lines and wrinkles which is exactly what we don't want. So I have the base laid and then we'll have a nice soft orange accent color. So your pastel mauves are really great. Nice soft colors as you can see that's really flattering on her. You just want to make sure you even out the color. You strive for symmetry in your application. Next a lot of ladies love that goddess glow. So we are going to follow up with a nice bronzer right above where we placed that color on the cheek. It's really going to highlight her brow. It's going to highlight her cheekbone. Really creating some depth in that face line. Another tip if you are going for that youthful look gloss. The perfect remedy. Especially for women on the go who don't want to spend a lot of time in applying color. And as you can see that has a little iridescent reflection coming through. Once again, creating that dewy appeal. And last we are going to finish up with a little bit of mascara here. If you will look up for me, come down just a little. And open midway right there. You want to apply mascara to the lashes because the lashes tend to go upward creating an instant lift. Staying away from the bottom lashes because once again it's going to highlight the areas that have wrinkles. So we just focus on the upward and if you want you could also add brown mascara as an option. So those are a few tips on how to apply makeup for younger looking skin. This is Kristie Kennedy, and I want to thank you so much for watching.


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