How to Use Exfoliants Under Eyes

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Using exfoliants under your eyes is something you have to do in a very particular way for the best possible results. Use exfoliants under your eyes with help from a licensed esthetician, makeup artist and brow artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kristie Kennedy, licensed beauty professional. Today, we'll be discussing how to exfoliate underneath the eyes. Oftentimes, when we exfoliate the entire face what we do is use granules and those tend to be too aggressive for the under eye area. So we're going to use an eye serum today. Once you've cleansed the skin and it's ready for the eye serum, you want to place a little bit right in this area, circular motions. You can use your ring finger or pinky finger because they apply the least amount of pressure and as you can see, just rubbing that in, right in the area and especially on the outer corner of the eye as you mature, that's where we tend to start showing signs of aging and we can do the same for the other eye. Once again, with the ring finger, circular motion, always going upward because we know the law of gravity, the skin tends to pull downward as we age. So you really want to right against that. And focus in on the area where crows feet generally grow in and allow that to set and dry. So once the skin has dried, we want to apply a nice light moisturizer around the face here. Exfoliation is great for keeping that skin looking young and fresh, keeping the pores open because once the pores clog, what happens we tend to have more outbreaks of acne. And that is how you exfoliate underneath the eyes. This is Kristie Kennedy. Thank you so much for watching.


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