How to Cure Burn Marks from Brow Wax

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If you repeatedly suffer from burn marks caused by brow wax, the good news is that they're not that difficult to cure. Cure burn marks from brow wax with help from a licensed esthetician, makeup artist and brow artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kristie Kennedy, licensed beauty professional. Today, we're going to discuss how to cure burn marks from brow wax. So there are a few options that you can have when curing the skin from burn marks. Typically, if you are on Retin-A, you want to avoid having the skin waxed all together because it's going to be easily irritated and it's highly prone to burning. One option is aloe vera gel. Now when you are burnt from wax, typically it takes about three days for the scarring to start showing and then once you get a scab it has to heal and it's going to darken. So in the process I would recommend that you stay away from any products within the first 24 hours, keeping that skin nice and clean. So if we were burnt, generally the burn marks occur within the brow area and you can apply it here on the brow where that burn has occurred. That's your first option. If you've been burnt around the lip area, you want to apply it right on the burn mark and that's going to help speed up that healing process. Another option that you could use, Vaseline. Vaseline is another option to help heal the skin because you want to keep that skin moisturized because it's going to get really dry as it's healing. If you prefer cocoa butter, that's another alternative to use if you've experienced wax burning. And lastly, your Vitamin E is a great skin healer. Vitamin E is perfect to speed up that healing process. Additionally you just want to make a note if you have experienced any type of brow wax or around the lip area, think about what you're going to use to conceal while it is healing. I definitely recommend medicated concealer that you can use as you are healing your skin. And this is Kristie Kennedy. You've just watched how to cure burn marks from brow wax. Thank you so much for watching.


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