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Different furniture cleaning solvents are designed to be used with different types of furniture. Learn more about furniture cleaning solvents with help from a master precision craftsman in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Todd Languell, The Flying Furniture Guy from R and D wood shop in Scotia, New York. Today, I'm going to talk to you about furniture cleaning solvents. The first cleaning solvent that I'd like to talk about is Murphy's oil soap. Murphy's oil soap is a very good product. You're going to want to follow the instructions when you're using the Murphy's oil soap because it is a concentrate. You're going to dilute it the in water and then you're going to use it on your furniture. You can use it with a rag or you can use it with a little steel wool. And you can work the hard areas that need a little bit of a work and then just go ahead and follow the rest of the instructions as you go along. One of the other products that I really like for helping your furniture and one of the best cleaning solvents out there is Howard's Restor-A-Finish. You also want to follow the complete instructions on the restor-a-finish as well and this is a very easy product to use as well. You're going to apply this product with a rag and if there's any tough areas, you're going to use a four wrought or the thinnest steel wool or the finest steel wool that you can find. Three or four would be fine with that. You're going to follow the instructions. It's pretty simple. Just wipe on, wipe off. And if there's any trouble spots you go ahead and address them at that time period. When you're done with the restor-a-finish, the next product that goes on is the Howard's Feed-N-Wax. This is part two to the restor-a-finish and this takes a little bit more prep work, but you can use a rag when you apply this. You apply this liberally over the entire piece of furniture. You wipe it on with a rag or you can wipe it on with steel wool. Again, real fine steel wool. You're going to follow the directions. You're going to wait about 20 minutes before you wipe this off. You want it to dry a little bit before you start to wipe it off. You can then go ahead and wipe off the Howard's Feed-N-Wax and your furniture will come out really nice looking. One of the last products that I like to use is an older product. It's just a simple standard paste wax. OK now this paste wax comes in two varieties of colors, typically it's a light for lighter wood, and a dark for darker woods. Pretty self-explanatory. You're going to follow the instructions on this as well. You can use a rag with this when you're wiping it on your furniture, or you can use a little bit of steel wool for the tougher areas that need a little bit more attention. You follow the directions. There should be a small amount of wait time before you wipe it off. Once you go ahead and wipe it off, the furniture is ready to be used. I'm Todd Languell, The Flying Furniture Guy from R and D wood shop and this was furniture cleaning solvents.


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