Recipe for Caramel Dark Chocolate Truffle

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You don't have to visit a fancy bakery to enjoy some nice caramel dark chocolate truffles. Get a recipe for caramel dark chocolate truffles with help from a self-professed chocoholic and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kevin Wray from Peterbrooke Chocolatier, here in Winter Park, Florida. Today, we're gonna make a fantastic caramel dark chocolate truffle that you can make at home. Okay, for this recipe, we're gonna need a cup of caramel, half a cup of heavy whipping cream, we're gonna need tempered dark chocolate, and then for tools, we need a scraper, pastry bag, a spatula and our bonbon mold. First, we're gonna fill our bonbon mold. This is a little messy, but it's kinda fun, too. We're gonna take our tempered chocolate and fill all the cavities on our mold. And now we wanna create a shell so we're gonna bang the chocolate out of the mold to create the shell we're lookin' for. As you can see, now, we've created the shells for our bonbons. So, we're gonna sit this on a tray and put it in the fridge to set. Alright, while the bonbon shells are chilling and setting up, we're gonna go ahead and make the filling. We've got our cup of caramel, and to this, we're gonna add half a cup of heavy whipping cream. Now, we're gonna go ahead and put this in the microwave, stirring frequently, and bring it to a boil. Alright, now that we've got our caramel and our heavy cream mixed and heated together, we're gonna add a half a cup of dark chocolate. We're gonna go ahead and fill our pastry bag. And then we're gonna take it up, roll the top over tightly, and then we're gonna finish it off with a bulldog clip. Now, we're gonna just sit this in the fridge to chill for quite a while 'cause, you know, the mixture's very warm at the moment. So, we need about 30 minutes and we'll be back. Okay, now we've got our chilled bonbon shells and our chilled filling and we're gonna go ahead and put the two together. We're gonna trim the end off our pastry bag and work our filling up and we're just gonna fill each bonbon, making sure we leave enough room at the top to add the final layer of chocolate. Now that we've filled our chilled cavities, we're gonna go ahead and scrape across, one more time, on the top so we can get the chocolate in between and we're gonna sit this aside to chill once again to make sure it's nice and firm so when we put the chocolate on, it doesn't overflow the filling. Okay, now that our bonbons are chilled, we're gonna go ahead and add the bottom layer of chocolate. So, once again, we're gonna sheet chocolate over our molds, there we go. We can return these to the fridge. In just a little while, we'll be ready to de-mold and enjoy. Okay, we've gotten our finished truffles out of the fridge. Now, we're gonna de-mold. You're gonna turn your tray over and get on the side and give it a real swift tap, and you can see your truffles will start to come right out. Now, we've got your truffles, and they're ready to eat.


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