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Push-ups and chin-ups need to be completed in a very particular way to see any type of positive results. Do push-ups and chin-ups with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Bill Victor from, and I’m here today to talk about how to do a chin-up and a push-up properly. You know, the chin-up is a very challenging move because it requires our arm strength to be able to move our entire body. Not only is that a tremendous show of strength, but also requires us to have proportionate strength between our torso and our arms, which for many people is very difficult. Probably the best way to do a chin-up is to start with a weight that you can actually move, and then eventually graduate to a weight that represents your body weight. Because my pull-up device is broken today, I’m going to be demonstrating on a torso arm machine, or also known as a lat pull-down machine. When performing the pull-up, we grab the handles – excuse me, the chin-up – and what we do is we want to pull evenly starting with the arms extended and exhale through the motion, supinating or keeping our palms facing our body, like this. It’s very important to remember that when you do a chin-up that you start slowly, make the movement slow, utilize the strength of your biceps to assist you, and start at a weight that you can manage. You know, in addition to the chin-up, one of the hardest movements for most people is to do a push-up. The push-up, again, is another tremendous gauge of arm strength and core strength to body weight. And, the push-up requires not only strength throughout your entire core, but also in the anterior parts of your shoulders, your triceps, and of course the chest. The push-up, it should be performed in the following manner: What you want to make it a point to do first of all is to put your arm or your hands directly underneath your shoulders. When you first begin this movement, you don’t want to have your hands too far away, too far underneath you. You want to have your hands directly underneath your shoulders. The movement is begun by keeping the body nice and rigid, with the feet shoulder-width apart. You then lower your chest as far as you can, and press straight up. The important thing to understand with the push-up is that if you’re unable to perform it initially, one of the best ways to begin the movement is to start on your knees, putting your nose way over your hands and begin just pushing up in a straight line. As you begin to develop more and more chest strength, you can transition the movement to putting the hands underneath the shoulders, putting the body straight, just like you’re doing a locked arm plank or plank your body nice and stiff. Lower your chest and not your head, and push up. This has been Bill Victor from Victor Fitness Systems, wishing you a great day, and a great workout.


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