How to Breathe Properly When Doing Pull-Ups

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One very important element required to successfully complete pull-ups is the proper breathing technique. Breathe properly when doing pull-ups with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Bill Victor with, and I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about the proper breathing technique when doing pull-ups. Unfortunately, my pull-up machine is broken today, but this lat pull-down device mimics the pull-up motion very closely, and certainly will assist me in showing the proper breathing techniques whenever we exert ourselves. What’s important to note here though is that the breathing for the pull-up is very similar to the breathing in many other aspects of resistance training, with perhaps the exception being low-leg squats and some of the deeper Olympic movements with the legs. But, when it comes to things like the bench press, shoulder press, and the pull-up, we want to practice a method of breathing that will allow us to exhale through exertion and inhale as we prepare for the next movement. In the event you hold your breath, three negative things occur: We develop pressure in the brain, we develop pressure in the eye, and we develop pressure in the chest, which will slow down the rate at which blood can return back to the heart. So, remember you want to breathe through exertion. To show you what that looks like, I’m going to grab these two handles, which mimic a pull-up motion. And, what I want you to note is that as I pull down and work against the force, I’ll exhale. I will then inhale as I return the weight back to its starting point, remembering again to exhale as I go through the exertion phase. What that would look like on a pull-up bar would look like this: The bar is up, you exhale as you pull your body up to the bar, and then as you lower your body back down, you would inhale. Breathing correctly is extremely critical for any kind of weight resistance training, but most importantly it helps you maintain a safe lift, keep pressures in the brain, the eyes, and the chest down, and have the most out of every workout. This has been Bill Victor, wishing you a great workout, and a great day.


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