Which Exercises Help Target the Triceps Muscle Group?

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If you want to target the triceps muscle in your workout routine, there are a few key exercises that you're going to want to incorporate. Find out which exercises help target the triceps muscle with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon. This is Bill Victor with VictorFittnessSystem.com, and I'm here today to talk to you a little bit about working the triceps and different exercises that can develop the triceps more effectively. You know the triceps are used in many different kinds of motions where you put your elbows in to full extension. If I were about to do a standing military press, the triceps assists the shoulders. In the chest press, the triceps assists the chest. However doing isolated triceps exercises requires one key fact. And that is to keep the elbow high throughout the entire position. I sometimes refer to this as hinging the elbow. One of my favorites is the triceps kick back where we take the weight and we bring it up higher, higher and higher until the elbow is nice and high and then with a high elbow we proceed to extend the bell of the dumbbell back and squeeze the triceps throughout the repetition, always making it a point to keep the elbow high and to bring the dumbbell back and higher than the elbow as we finish the movement. Also you might notice through this movement that you also can change your hand positions. As you saw, my palm was facing my side through this movement. But if I perform the same movement and now keep my knuckles moving back towards the ceiling I can work the long head of the triceps. You know one of things that people who work out often forget is that the triceps comprise almost two thirds of the size of the upper arm. It's not the bicep, it's the tricep group and hence the name tri or meaning three. A second tricep exercise that's great for isolating and again requires the elbow to hinge is a tricep extension where the elbow starts nice and high and keeping the elbow high the dumbbell is extended upwards, always making it a point to squeeze the arm through the completing repetition each time. This can be done both singly or together going back, almost like you were using a hammer and a nail. Triceps are extending, our elbows are high, triceps extend and we go up. This has been Bill Victor with Victor Fitness Systems wishing you a great workout and a great day.


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