Easy-on-the-Back Exercises With an Exercise Ball

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Just because you're working with an exercise ball doesn't mean that everything you do will be hard on your back. Learn about easy-on-the-back exercises with an exercise ball with help from a certified strength and conditioning specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. This is Delf Enriquez of delfenriquez.com, and I'm here at reflex performance in Pasadena, California. Today, I'll be talking to you about easy on the back, back exercises using exactly what I'm sitting on, an exercise ball. Anyway, I'll be showing you two specific exercises today and those two specific exercises are very physical therapy related but in general they're also really good for just strengthening your back. So if you have an exercise ball at home it's time to dust it off and try these two exercises. The first of them is a variation of the bird dog exercise. And basically, when I demonstrate it to you you'll see that I'll be raising my left arm along with my right leg, and I'm trying to get them level with my spine as I come up. So if you do this exercise you'll be strengthening your whole back structure and obviously you'll be doing both left and right sides as you go. That's the first exercise. The next one would be a back extension exercise where you'll be laying over the exercise ball and basically using your back musculature to move yourself from a laying forward position to a more upright position. And in general that just helps strengthen your back and counter balance the usual position your hips or back are in which is in a flex position. So those are your two easy on the back exercises on the exercise ball. Again, I'm at reflex performance in Pasadena, California. My name is Delf Enriquez of delfenriquez.com.


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