Decorating Styles for a Teen Bedroom

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Teen bedrooms naturally lend themselves to a wide variety of different great decorating styles. Find out about decorating styles for a teen bedroom with help from a decor expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ronique Gibson from What seems always interesting for most parents is how to make their teens love their bedroom. So, today I’m going to talk about teen getaway ideas for your bedroom for your child that will love their room, that’s no longer into the babyish room, but is not quite to an adult state. For boys, what I love is, sit down with your teenager and ask them what colors and what themes do they love? Boys usually love bold colors – ones that evoke, you know, speed and athletics. I also say take colors that are from their favorite sports team, athletics, if they enjoy music – these color palettes are great for a boy’s room, because it’s a way for them to still have their sense of personality but also enjoy their room at the same time. In boys rooms, what I like to say is take things from their everyday world. So, anything from trophies to medals that they won at their last track meet or sports function, display those proudly in their room – they will love it. For girls, what I like to say is ask your girl what kind of materials and pattern she likes. Girls usually love anything that have lots of frilly colors, but then at the same time a lot of girls are moving more into ideas like what you see here where more of a modern and hip look where it’s a little bit of sophistication, but still has “Teenager” written all over it. But, I like to say for a girl’s room is, use colors that are still feminine but also still make them feel like they’re a teenager and independent. Bring in colors like pinks, yellows, purples, but also colors like in this picture – teals, blacks, all of these colors are great ideas for your teen girl’s bedroom. I also say in your teen girl’s bedroom, make it fun. What I’ve noticed is some parents think that their child’s bedroom has to be either ultra-girly and frilly with, you know, all this cutesy pink. Remember, sometimes they like just to still have fun and still be a teenager. So, bring in fun novelty pillows and decorative items in your teen’s bedroom. Trust me, your teen will love that you actually thought about them, and they will love getting away to their bedroom. My name is Ronique Gibson, from, and this was ways for your teen to have a getaway bedroom.


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