How to Replace a Pool Light Gasket

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A pool light gasket needs to be replaced in a very safe and secure way, as the light itself is hooked up to electricity. Replace a pool light gasket with help from an experienced swimming pool and spa industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Jack Morgan. I'm with VivoPools in southern California, and I'm going to show you how to how to replace a pool light gasket. OK. Before you attempt this repair you want to make sure that you've turned off circuit breaker to your light so in the event that there's any electricity there it would not shock you or harm you in any way. So you want to make sure that you have that turned off. So the next thing that you want to make sure that you have on hand when you do any repair of this nature is to go ahead and have a Phillips screw driver, a number 2 head and a straight screw driver and a pair of vice grips so that you can hold on to the nut while you're unscrewing with the screw driver. So what I'm going to do now, you want to go ahead and put some kind of a blanket down on your deck so that you can keep yourself from getting wet and you're going to lean over the edge of the pool. The typical depth of the light is around 18 inches so your arms are going to have to be able to reach at least an 18 inch depth with the screw driver in hand to unscrew the actual screw that holds it into the niche. And as you can see here there's enough cord here typically that they've left so that you can bring it up onto the deck, so that you can now work on it. There's a clamp that holds the gasket compressed and you can see right here, this is your screw and your nut and you're going to take these apart. This clamp's going to come off. Now what we're going to do is we're going to take a screw driver and we're just going to use it as a leverage point in here just to crack open the seal and we're going to pull that off of our ring here. And now the gasket you can see is right here. And we're just going to stick our screw driver in the slot here and we're just going to very gently push this off. You gotta remember this has been in there a while so it's probably going to be a little tight. So you're just going to want to very gently ease it out. You can hear it just cracked the seal. So now you should be able to go ahead and simply pull it out. And there's your gasket on your lens right here. You can see right here there is a little curved end on both sides so you can't put this on wrong. It's either way. Just slip it into the groove here and just work it around until you have it completely seated all the way around. So now what we'll do is we'll go ahead and we'll stick it back into the slot where it seats as you can see it just sets in there like that. And then we'll go ahead and we'll flip it over and we'll put it back in to our light face here. We're going to put our compression ring back on. I'm going to start with a, first a couple of threads here. Just a couple of starts right there just so you've got it so it won't pull off. And now I'm going to make sure I'm away from my screw here, so that when I attach it, it won't be in the way, this part right here won't be in front of that. My name is Jack Morgan with VivoPools in southern California, and that's how you replace a pool light gasket.


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