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When setting your pool timer, you're always going to want to keep a very important thing in mind. Learn how to set your pool timers with help from an experienced swimming pool and spa industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Jack Morgan with VivoPools in Southern California, and I'm going to show you how to adjust your pool timer. Now typically on this type of pool timer, they have two little what we term dogs here, which are the off and on tripper switches that are going to allow this to actually as this dial turns around they actually turn the pump on and off so we're going to put these on at the time frame that we want the pool pump to run. So we'll go ahead, in this case, we'll go ahead and set them on here. We want the pump say to turn on at 2:00. We'll put one of our tripper switches on at that point. And then say we want it to shut off at 10PM, so we'll go ahead and put our off one. And they're also labeled right on the, they're stamped right on the actual dog itself which one is which. So now we've got our tripper switches on, we've got our on, we've got our off so we've got the time set for the number of hours we want our pump to run. Which will automatically turn as this dial turns it will automatically hit a little tab at the bottom of these that is actually a part of the tripper switch here. It will turn the time clock off and on. All you'll have to do to basically change this hour ahead or back, either way, is you just pull out and you just move on to the whatever time it is currently and then you just allow it to go back in to place and it locks in at that point. So that's all there is to that and then you just go ahead and you close your time clock box cover. Lock it in place, and you're done. My name is Jack Morgan. I'm with VivoPools, southern California, and that is how you set your pool timer.


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