How to Replace the Drain Plugs in a Pool Filter

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You'll have to replace the drain plugs in a pool filter every so often as part of your routine maintenance. Replace the drain plugs in a pool filter with help from an experienced swimming pool and spa industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jack Morgan. I'm with VivoPools in Southern California, and we're going to show you how to replace a drain plug on your pool filter. Now typically on a filter like this there is on the back of your filter you will find a plug, that will look similar to this and this is what you're going to basically take off when you're going to drain your tank so that you can go ahead and clean out the filter elements and dislodge all the water that's in the, the tank so you can go ahead and clean that out. So what you'll do, you'll find it typically down here and what you'll do is you'll take a screwdriver, there's a slot here in the actual plug where a screwdriver could fit and you would just turn it like this until it breaks loose and then you can take your finger unscrew it from the base of the filter, pull it out and this will let the water that's in the tank evacuate out. In the area where you're taking, taking your filter apart. My name is Jack Morgan with VivoPools, and that is how you take a drain plug out of your filter tank.


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