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Google + makes connecting online a little more like real life with all new kinds of chat options and live event updating. Let’s talk about all of the power tools that Google + - WOOO! Life is crazy. I mean who has time to keep with all the latest in social networking. I’m Carly Knobloch and if you stick with me I’ll show you all the tech tools you need to get socially connected. Google + is a lot like other social networks. Sharing posts, keeping track of friends and other stories that are trending on the web for your view stream but sometimes you want to connect with your friends face to face and in real time so Google has brought us Chat, Hangouts, and Events. Don’t be fooled by the casual name. These are great tools for business too. Today I’m going to chat with a friend about a dinner party we’re going to have later. To open the chat click on the person’s name, type your message and hit enter. She’ll see the message and she can write me right back. If I weren’t planning a girls night out but something like a surprise party for my husband I can click this button too and ‘go off the record’ so the chat won’t be saved. Now, at any time I can switch over to an audio chat. All I need is an internal computer microphone or any usb one. Of course sometimes there’s just no substitute for a video chat. Just click here to invite your friend to video chat and as long as you both have web cameras and you both accept the invite you’re in! OK, video chat is good for one on one but this party planning requires all hands on deck so I’m going to start a Google Hangout so I can see everyone’s face at the same time and we can all have a conversation. Start a Hangout by clicking the button on the screen here. Give a name to your Hangout and then start inviting people to join. With Hangouts you can invite up to 9 other people. You can turn your camera or your microphone off at any time if you need a little bit of privacy but otherwise this is a great place to get everyone together all in one spot. It’s also really good for project work too and I can share my screen with everyone so they can see what I’m working on. OK, it’s almost party time and I’m going to get set up with one of my favorite Google + features – Events. This is a great way to track the good times had by all in real time. Click the events icon, then click create event, set up your invite, choose a theme, and fill in details. Then add the people from your circles that you’d like to invite to the party. I set the event to start at 8 o’clock so now when the party starts the event goes live and everyone can submit comments and photos to create an awesome gallery. OK, I gotta go get ready for the party but make sure you plus one our website and we’ll see you back here again at eHow Tech. Thanks for watching!

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