How to Make Vegan Shepherd's Pie

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Making vegan shepherd's pie is actually a lot more simple and straightforward than you might imagine. Make vegan shepherd's pie with help from a vegan chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kat Barry. Today, I'm going to show you how to make shepherd's pie. O.k., so, the first step in making shepherd's pie, is to make the mashed potato topping. I peeled and boiled seven Idaho potatoes, just your standard like, baking potatoes. You can also use Yukon Golds or whatever you have around, it's no big deal. I peeled them, I boiled them for about 15 minutes on high. You want to make sure when you're making potato, boiling potatoes for mashing, that you boil them longer than you would for salad potatoes. This is a little bit of almond milk, it's just a dash, it's probably like a couple tablespoons. We've got a fourth cup of Vegenaise, vegan mayonnaise. This is my very favorite sour cream substitute. It has a really good flavor, similar to sour cream, that's going to add a nice creaminess and then, nutritional yeast. And then, this is just a tablespoon of olive oil. Now, we're going to just blend this, actually I'm going to use the pulse feature because it's really easy with mashed potatoes to over-mash them in the food processor. And I actually think I'm going to add some salt and pepper to this as well. And then, since this is so full, we are going to have to keep stirring it quite a bit. Alright, so these are good, so we're just going to set these aside until we're ready to put them on top our gravy filling. We're going to heat up the saucepan to medium-low. So, this is warming up, I'm going to add a little bit of grape seed oil, we'll go with a tablespoon, make sure that we coat the bottom here. I'm going to start by sauteing one yellow onion. So, the onion is pretty much, almost translucent, so it's getting there, it's almost cooked. So, I'm just going to add some of the other ingredients. I have here, a cup of mushrooms, a cup of carrots, a cup of finely chopped walnuts and three cloves of garlic, minced. A little bit of soy sauce, you could use up to a fourth a cup. It's about a fourth a cup of vegan Worcester sauce. Some liquid smoke, make sure when you're buying your liquid smoke, that it doesn't have any kind of meat drippings in it. Some liquid smoke does have meat drippings, so you want to make sure you read the labels. And then, fresh ground black pepper. So, we're going to let this cook for a couple minutes. So, I'm going to add about half of the flour, this is a fourth cup of flour, I'm going to put half of it in, to start. Whenever you're making a sauce or a gravy or even a frosting or anything like that, where you're putting wet into dry. You want to make sure you add the wet ingredients slowly. So, I'm only going to put in about half a cup, this is two cups, two cups, homemade vegetable stock, still little. Again, gradually both the flour and the stock. So, now, I'm going to add one cup, peas, I'm also going to throw in one teaspoon, fresh thyme. And now, with the fresh thyme, you're going to really want to grind it up with your fingertips. And this is one and a half tablespoons, fresh sage, a fourth cup of chives, fresh chives. So, I'm going to add the rest of my vegetable stock here. We're going to get this to a simmer and we're going to let this simmer for about five minutes. And then, we'll be ready to assemble our shepherd's pie. I'm going to taste this to make sure I have it seasoned properly, it's very important to always do that. Just make sure you don't put your spoon back in it, if you need to try it again. Um, I don't think it needs anything else. Oh, ready, o.k., it's been simmering for about five minutes after we brought it to boil, and I'm going to pour it, I'm going to pour the gravy. Now, we're going to put our mashed potatoes on top. Alright, now, we're just going to sprinkle some nutritional yeast on top. So, the oven's preheated to 350, I'm going to put this in the oven, I'm going to set the timer for 30 minutes. And most importantly, you always know a casserole is done when it's bubbling around the sides, o.k. Alright, so the shepherd's pie is done, it's nice and bubbly. Now, as you can see, some of the gravy came up over the potatoes. Usually I use a Le Creuset round, covered casserole dish. Okay, so, it's a little bit shallower than this, so the potatoes have a little bit more space on top. Well, thanks so much for watching this video on how to make vegan shepherd's pie. I hope you learned a lot, and I really hope that you enjoy this recipe this winter when you're curled on your couch by the fire. Have a great day.


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