Optimizing an Android LG Ally

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Optimizing an Android LG Ally will have it running as good as new, regardless of its age. Optimize an Android LG Ally with help from an electronics expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Zach, and today I'm going to talk to you about optimizing your Android. Now this is something that the iPhone doesn't have, customization. You can do anything you want with this phone and it is amazing. It is so much more customizable than the iPhone. You can't really do anything. So one thing that I will show you that is you can change your wallpaper pretty freely in it. I can go to my live wallpapers that come with the phone and let's go to water, which is a really cool one. So It's going to load the live wallpaper and I'm going to hit set wallpaper. And let's go to a free screen and right here, as I tap look at that. The water moves as I tap. That's pretty cool. So another thing that you can do to customize your phone is let's say, widgets. Widgets is a great thing because as an iPhone as we know doesn't have any widgets. That's terrible. So I go to widgets and I have clock, bookmarks, pretty much anything I can think of. And I can also download them from the Google Store. So, yeah, easy recorder, anything really, fancy widgets, books, music play list, play store, or YouTube, a bunch of different widgets. And another way I can customize it, is I can move my applications pretty freely. And they can be anywhere on the screen that I want rather than all having to be pushed together. Let's say I just want to move the browser up here. That's all I have to do, press and hold and you could move things a little bit more freely. Let's just make a box. Look at that, I have a little box in the middle but let's make it a little bit bigger. Remove that, take this, slide it up, slide that up and look at that. A gigantic box where I can move everything around. And as you can see it is very quick and responsive. So I can move apps very easily. Another thing about customizing your phone is you can set up your rind tones a lot easier. Any music you put on to your Android you can use as a ring tone. That's awesome. My name's Zach, and I just talked to you about personalizing your Android. Thanks for watching.


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