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Rotating the Android emulator can help make your device easier and more comfortable to control. Find out how to rotate the Android emulator with help from an electronics expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Zach, and today I'm going to talk to you about rotating on your Android phone. Now this is the best thing on my phone by far. I love it. I use the rotating feature pretty much every time I turn on my phone, just to even check something. When I go into a text message, if I'm going to reply, I turn my phone sideways and I have a bigger keyboard. When I'm reading an article it gives me more surface space. When I'm watching a movie on YouTube, it is amazing because I can turn it and have it fill up my entire screen and see nothing else. That honestly is a great feature. So I'm going to show you on an article. I'm going to go into my browser and let's search Obama article. And Obama wins a second term. Let's select that and now let's say I want to read it sideways and have it go more across the screen. All I do is take my phone, turn it sideways and bam, perfect. Right there my phone is sideways as you can see. And I can scroll down through and it talks about Obama's article and everything. But let's say I want to turn it back upright. Now I take the phone, rotate it and tilt and perfect. It is back to upright. And every time you do this it formats it. So it is in the correct sizing and everything. That's it. My name's Zach, and I just talked to you about rotating on your Android. Thanks for watching.


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