Vegetarian Marinara Sauce

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Vegetarian marinara sauce requires a few key ingredients, like six cups of tomatoes. Make vegetarian marinara sauce with help from a healthy food chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lee Cotton, Healthy Chef and Pilates Instructor for Today, I'm going to be telling you how to make vegetarian marinara sauce. To make vegetarian marinara sauce, you need about six cups of chopped tomatoes, some olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, a half of cup of chopped onions, minced garlic, basil and oregano. It's quite easy, all you need is a saucepan. We're going to start off by putting some olive oil into your pan, about two tablespoons and put onto about medium-high heat. One, once it starts heating up, which will take a couple of seconds, you're going to add your minced garlic. Now, you can put chopped garlic or a head of garlic, I think minced garlic works well because it blends easily into your marinara sauce. So, the pan's beginning to warm up, I'm just going to add my minced garlic and allow it to start to cook and brown. So, they're beginning to heat up, as you can smell, you can start smelling a lovely garlic. Now, we're going to add our onion to the pan. We're just going to gently toss it and you can hear it, you can smell it. Smells delicious. You can smell the onions and the garlic heating up, it's beautiful. So, once it starts heating up a little bit, we're going to add our chopped tomatoes. And here I have about six cups. You can get canned tomatoes, but if you do so, make sure that they're BPA free 'cause it's a healthier version and I always use organic tomatoes. So, I'm going to add my chopped tomatoes to my pan; ah, listen to that sound. Delicious. I'll use my spoon 'cause we don't want to waste any of these beautiful organic tomatoes. Once the tomatoes are in, we're just gently going to stir the onions and the garlic; I'm going to go down to a medium heat 'cause I don't want to overcook my marinara sauce. Now, I love basil. I think basil has such an aromatic flavor; it's delicious. So, I add about three tablespoons of basil. And again, if you're not a basil lover, you can add less. I also add about a teaspoon of fresh organic oregano. And again, if you're not a big fan of oregano, add less. So, we have the herbs in here in the tomatoes and we're gently going to stir them. We're also going to add a bit of salt and pepper. Now again, if you're not a big salt fan, add a little bit. Always taste and see how it tastes to you and then let that be your predicament of how you're going to add more salt or pepper. So, I'm going to add a little bit of salt. I always go with my fingers, but if you need a measurements, about half teaspoon, and then pepper; I love pepper. So, I'm just going to add a load of pepper to my dish. So, probably I've added about three teaspoons or so and again, if you're not a big pepper person, add a teaspoon or don't use the pepper. It's up to you guys. A wonderful way to serve this marinara sauce is with some quinoa pasta or some rice pasta. Both of these pastas are gluten-free and are healthier version than your regular pasta. So, here's your marinara sauce, it's absolutely delis, delicious. I'm Lee Cotton, Owner of, and this is how you make vegetarian marinara sauce.


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