Tofu Vegetable Enchilada Recipes

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Tofu vegetable enchiladas are a delicious and much-healthier alternative to traditional enchiladas. Make tofu vegetable enchiladas from a great recipe with help from a healthy food chef in this free video clip.

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Hi. I'm Lee Cotton, healthy chef and Pilates instructor for, and today I'm going to show you how to make tofu enchiladas. Tofu enchiladas are a wonderful healthy dish to the alternative of cheese. Here we have the tofu and we want to crumble the tofu. Now I have extra firm tofu, now I like to use my hands. You can use a fork. And what you do is you just basically crumble the tofu. You want it to get into a consistency kind of like ricotta cheese. So you just crumble it with your hands, and when this is all mixed together you're going to bring it over and you're going to transfer into a pan. So I have a sauce pan here and I'm going to put it on about medium high heat. And I'm going to add about two tablespoons of olive oil. Good. We're going to add the tofu crumbled to the pan and as you can see it resembles a lot like ricotta cheese. So we just add it in, you can hear it up, it's going to cook. And I like to use a fork for this. And just kind of mush it around so you brown the tofu with the Mexican spices. So we're just going to add the fire roasted tomatoes to the food processor. You can also do this with an immersion blender. I'm going to add about a tablespoon of fresh cilantro. I have about three tablespoons of chopped onion and some jalapeno. Now if you're not a spice person you don't have to add jalapeno. I like things spicy so I'm going to add it. So you add all that in, you place your lid on your food processor, and you just puree it. As you can see it's a beautiful red color and it smell delicious and it's such a healthy alternative. So now we're going to make our enchilada. So I transfer the tofu crumble into the mixing bowl which we started off when we crumbles the tofu. And from here I'm going to add some of my homemade tomato sauce. And I want to mix this, so gently coat the tofu. Oh it just smells so good. So you want to add a milky cheese alternative. This one's made out of rice. And I'm just going to add probably about a handful. So we start off with about two cups, a handful to the tofu mixture. I'm just going to gently stir is together. So you just place one of your wraps down, you get a little bit of your tofu mixture and you place it into the center. Oh, it just smells so good. And then you just gently wrap it. So just gently wrap the tofu into your little enchiladas and you place it into the sauce pan. Good. And now I'm going to add some more of that vegan delicious cheese. Because we love cheesy stuff. So adding it on and again this is cheesy but a healthy alternative. Just crumble it on and then you want to top it again with that beautiful enchilada sauce that we made. Just place a little bit on. Oh, look how beautiful that looks. Good. So I've baked it for about twenty five minutes and I'm going to take out the finished project. Good. And here we have some beautiful tofu enchiladas that are cheesy, that are healthy and that are gluten free. I'm Lee Cotton, owner of, and this is how you make vegetarian tofu enchiladas.


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