How Do I Prepare Potatoes for Chinese Stir-Fry?

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Potatoes typically need to be prepared in a very special way if you're intending to cook them in Chinese stir-fry. Prepare potatoes for Chinese stir-fry with help from a food host and private chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Mariko, host of Culinary Adventures with Mariko. Today, I will be showing how to prepare potatoes for a Chinese stir fry. To get started, you will want your wok, and put about two to four tablespoons of oil in the bottom. Whenever you're stir frying, you want to make sure to use an oil like Canola or peanut oil that can heat at a high temperature. If you use something like olive oil, it's going to smoke and everything is going to stick. So, now, I just want to put my wok with oil, over medium heat. While my wok is heating up, I am going to prepare the potatoes for the Chinese stir fry. First, you want to cut them in half, then in half again, and then, thin slices. When using a wok, you want to have all your ingredients cut thin or small. So,they're able to cook in relatively the same time. With potatoes, I'm cutting them in very thin pieces. And you can use any kind of potatoes you want, you can use Russet, or Yukon Gold. Today, I'm using a combination of purple, red and yellow potatoes. This is going to give my stir fry a lot of extra color. We add some red potato. I love cooking potatoes in the wok, because it is so fast and easy. It's actually how I prefer to cook my breakfast potatoes in the morning. as well. There is my red potatoes. Alright, now that I have all my potatoes sliced thin and in a bowl, I'm going to add half an onion, chopped, some pepper. I love using fresh ground pepper, because it gives everything more flavor. About a tablespoon of grated garlic, and a little bit of curry powder. If you were doing some other style, like breakfast potatoes in the wok, you can use some other of your favorite seasonings as well. Now, I'm just going to mix everything together, to put in the wok. I'm going to add salt, but I like to add it at the very end, because it helps keep your potatoes more crisp. Now, I've just turned my wok up to medium-high heat. So that the potatoes have the time to crisp up and get that nice, crispy coating. Now, my potatoes are all cooked and ready to go, they're delicious just like this. Or, you could start adding your favorite veggies and meat for your stir fry. This is Chef Mariko showing you how to prepare potatoes for a Chinese stir fry.


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