Unboxing the Fitbit Aria

The Fitbit Aria is one of the best scales that money can buy. Unbox the Fitbit Aria along with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

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Hi. Dave Johnson. I'm the editor of eHow's tech channel, and let's unbox the Fitbit Aria.So this is a really interesting product. And it's getting a lot of broad based appeal with folks that are trying to develop fitness regiments using technology. It's a scale. So let's open this thing up and see what's in the box. So we have this which says hello. That's very nice. And we pull this away and we run into, well, a scale. Take that out of the box and it's got some set up instructions. So we'll keep those handy. Box down there. So we take this off and what we find is it's a very pretty scale. It's black, it has a digital display right here. You're going to want to pull this off and discard it. But the most important thing here is it tells you where to go to get set up. It's fitbit.com/start. And if you want to be more precise, you can go to fitbit.com/start/aria. But nonetheless, do that, and then on the back it already has batteries build in. Or installed. You just need to pull that out to get it rolling and as soon as you do that, you see that it's come to life on the front. So we're well on our way. Get that out of the way. And you're going to want to go to the web to get this up and running. So you go to fitbit.com/start and you're here and Fitbit has a really nice web page for getting set up with various devices like the Fitbit One, the Fitbit Zip and right here, Aria. So you would click that and when you do, it's going to install a little app right here that walks you through step by step everything you need to do to get the scale up and running. Only takes a couple of minutes and it's really easy to do. Once you do that, using the scale is pretty easy. You're going to set up a profile on the Fitbit website, give yourself a name, and sync it with the scale so to use the scale you just step on it. You step on it barefoot because it's measuring not just your weight, but also your body fat percentage. So you stand on it until it's completely done and it tells you when it's OK to get off of it. And it will tell you what your weight, tell your body fat percentage, and it'll put your initials at the end, the initials that you set up so you know it's syncing to you. That's important because you can actually invite up to eight people to use the scale with you. Everybody in the family can be using an Aria. And if you want to do that, it's very simple. You just go to the dashboard at Fitbit and under your little picture, your profile, you want to choose account settings. And then over here there's going to be a number of options like device settings and so on. And there's a link to invite other people to use your Fitbit. They'll get an email, they can sign up, register, their initials, and that sort of thing, and then when they step on it, since it knows initial, you say I weigh 170 pounds, or I weigh 210 or whatever, it will make a really good guess about who is who and if it's wrong, all you have to do after you step off of it is tap it with your toe. Every time you tap, it cycles through the various people that are registered for the scale. When you find the right one, let go and it'll keep track. Then you can go back to the website and you can look at graphs and charts and all that sort of thing to see how you're performing, are you losing weight, are you maintaining weight. So it's a great tool for folks that want to use technology to stay fit.

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