Unboxing the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit

The Nike+ iPod sport kit is a great gift for anyone who loves to exercise. Unbox the Nike+ iPod sport kit with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Dave Johnson. I'm the editor of eHow Tech, and today let's unbox the Nike + Sport Kit. So this is for the iPod, it's actually for a number of different iPod models. You can use it with your iPod, your iPhone, the iPod Nano, and what it does it's essentially a pedometer that tracks how long you run or exorcise and puts it online on Nike + website so you can track it, look a graphs, see how you're performing and compare your performance to other people. It's kind of cool and it helps you ether get fit or stay fit. So let's open this thing up and see what is inside. So this has got really interesting packaging I, I like this because it's, it's like candy you have to pop these things out so it comes with two little gadgets and there's not really not a whole lot else here there's, there's a user guide in the box, but that's about it and what you've got is this thing which connects to certain iPod models. If you have older iPods you'll want to use this connection and just look in the user guide it'll tell you which ones are which, but if you have a newer model like the iPhone 3 GS, the iPhone 4, 4S or the 5 you don't need this and you can just throw it away or put it back in the box. What you do need is this, this little guy goes in your shoe and for best results you're going to want a Nike + computable shoe so I've got one right here, it's got the Nike logo and it has the Nike + logo on it as well. You can pop it open and you can see it's got another little Nike + logo there and if you pull back the insole you'll see that there is a little slot custom designed for this so pull out the little rubber bit and then you take that and you stick it in there and then you push down the insole back and you'll never know you're walking on it, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't leave a lump or anything like that. Now what if you don't actually have a Nike + shoe? That's okay it's not the end of the world. Rather than carving out the, the insole of your shoe what you might want to do and I know some people that do this is they take their Nike + gadget and they string it through the laces and they tape it down. So it's a you know a little precarious, I guess there's always a risk it's going to come flying off when you're out running, but I know folks that have done this for a long time and it stays there just fine. So once you do that make sure you go follow the instructions in the package, go to The Nike + website and get an account and they you're up and running. The last thing that you need to do is to tell your iPod or your iPhone about the fact that you have this and I'll just show you how to do it on my iPhone 4S, go to settings, go all the way to the bottom and just pull up a little bit and you should find Nike + iPod and turn it on and now there's a whole bunch of settings you can configure there and just knock yourself out, you know you, you can configure that anyway you want to, but what you should find is a new Nike + fitness app which you can start and that wasn't there before you turned in on. And you can use this to start tracking your, your exorcises using The Nike +. There you go.

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