Unboxing the Logitech Harmony Touch

The Logitech Harmony Touch is a universal remote control that can really help bring the electronics in your home together. Unbox the Logitech Harmony Touch with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Johnson, Editor for eHow's Tech Channel, and let's unbox the Logitech Harmony Touch. This is a Logitech's top of the line program ball remote control and it's really an interesting choice for anybody that has a home theater with a bunch of components and really wants to simplify their life with going from 14 remotes down to one and doing lots of functions with a single button press rather than pressing 18 buttons to get something accomplished. So, it's very, a very pretty package and like, I, I love packages like this that appear to have this vacuum seal, makes the whole thing feel more expensive. And the first thing you see when you open up the box is the actual remote, pop it out of there, it's got a nice little heft. There's, there's a big rechargeable battery in here and it has some LCD screen with this little piece of cellophane that you want to pull off. So, we'll put that aside, see what else is in the box. So, we also have the base and that's where it's going to sit in to charge, and a few other things. We have the, here's the adapter, so it's a lot of charge up and this little non-descript package has got a very nice user guide and some warranty information in it. So, you want to use this guide. Actually, it's, it's, it's really well-written and it's really important because you it can be maybe a little confusing to get this thing setup and you'll have to follow their instructions. But, probably the most important thing you need to know to get up and running with the Harmony Touch is that you have to know the specific model numbers of all your devices. And in fact, there's a couple of pages here in the guide where they give you space to write them all in. So, I have a Denon AVR 40608, write that down. What's the model number of your CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player and so on. Make sure you get all those model numbers; you usually find them right on the front of the device. If not, go back to the user guide, you kept all your user guide's for your home theater equipment, right? I know you did. So, just get all that, write it down and then the next step is set this aside for a moment and you're going to want to go to myharmony.com, which is Logitech's website for the device and you'll install some software and follow an installation wizard and you'll get to something that looks like this, which is the program where you actually program this remote. You're going to enter in all of your devices and across the top here, I have all my various devices; my receiver, my Blu-ray player, TiVo and so on. So, you, you enter them all so it knows what devices you have. And just one word of warning, if you do have a TiVo, you'll tell that you have a TiVo and then in order to make sure that it knows, that it can talk to your TiVo properly, it's going to ask you to take your TiVo remote and then press a particular key; like it might say the number one or the thumbs up or something like that and point it at this receiver on the back of the Harmony. You'll do that and then when you hit it, then, the software will say, "Ah, I now see your TiVo; I understand how to, how to talk to it." Now, you'll only need this for that one moment. So, you'll go through all of that process, when you're all done, it'll setup your first activity for you, which is like watch TV where you press one button and it'll automatically turn on your TV, set it to your TiVo or your Blu-ray player or whatever you want to set it to and get everything ready for you to watch with a single button press. From there, it's just a matter of adding more activities and adding more devices at your leisure. But, if you get through that process, that'll get you up and running and watching TV fairly quickly.

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