Unboxing the New iPad

The new iPad shares a lot of similarities with the old iPad 3 model, which really isn't that old at all. Put the new iPad to the test with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Dave Johnson editor of eHow's tech channel and today let's unbox the new iPad. So what I've got here is the new iPad or what some people refer to as the iPad 3 it came out a few months ago and it's still kind of the coolest iPad to have unless you really want a smaller sized one like the iPad Mini, that's also now available. So let's take a look at this thing as usual Apple goes for very elegant packaging and one of my favorite parts about this is the near perfect vacuum that you get on the box, it takes effort to get into it, but once you open up the box the first the see is the iPad itself so we'll pop that thing out and it comes in a little cellophane wrapper and also in here we've got some paperwork, the cable that we hook up to charge it or connect to your PC or Mac and the power adapter so that's great. So let's take a look at the actual iPad which is the star of the show. If you've never used an iPad before the home button here that's how you do interact mostly with the, with the iPad. It has volume controls right here and then this button is usually used to mute or play the sound and there's a power button right there so I'm going to go ahead and turn it on and you get this initial screen because it's never been configured or setup before so you slide to get in to it. The first thing you do is choose a language so we'll do some of the initial setup stuff here in shows in English and then we need to find The United States on the list and choose that. Next you generally want to turn on location services this determines whether your iPad is going to know where it is and, and help you find restaurants and, and other sorts of things like that also at this stage you're going to want to set up the Wi-Fi. Notice that there's no Ethernet port on this you can't hook it up to a wired network so really what that means is you're going to want to turn on the Wi-Fi because that's the way that this is going to communicate with the outside world and so I'll type in the Wi-Fi password and after a moment we're up and running and then the iPad takes a moment to what it calls activate. And now you have a choice this, this is just about the last screen you're going to run into in setup. You can set it up as a brand new iPad or you can choose to restore the data from The Cloud or from iTunes if you already had an older iPad and you're just want to transfer all the data over. I'm going to set this up as a new iPad, tap next and then you would sign in with your Apple ID and your, your Apple ID is what lets you buy stuff from The iTunes Store and that sort of thing so I have one so I'm going to type that information in. Also I'd like to point out here when I'm typing in my email address if you tap and hold the period you actually get choices of dot com, dot net, dot edu, that sort of thing so that is a really quick way to type in dot com. It's going to sign in with my Apple ID, I have to agree to their service agreement, asks you if you want to use iCloud or not, I'm not going to use iCloud, but you could. Dictation allows you to talk to your iPad to get stuff done and finally we get to start using out iPad. And you interact with your iPad mainly by swiping, dragging, that sort of thing. So just a couple of tricks I want to show you for most of the configuration that you're going to want to do with your iPad you'll do it in settings so you can tap your settings button and this is where you control every aspect of how you interact with your iPad. One thing you should know that if you're going on an airplane you want to turn on airplane mode, that's right here, it's currently set to off, you flick that, turn it on, that turns off all the wireless signals which complies with FAA regulations. And you can reorganize your start screen very easily, you tap and hold an icon and you can drag it around, you can move them around where ever you like and you can even group them. Like for example I wanted to create a group of music icons I could drag one over the other and that creates a little folder that I can name and now I can tap that to open it and launch the particular application that's, that's in that folder. So that's the new iPad a nutshell. You can get it with Wi-Fi like I just demonstrated or you can get it without Wi-Fi so it only uses 3G which is your, your cellular signal and both are really good choices for somebody that wants to kind of ditch a laptop and do all kinds of cool computing stuff on the go.

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