Unboxing the Roku 2 XS

The Roku 2 XS is a wireless home theater set top box that lets you watch content from a variety of different sources on your TV. Find out more about the Roku 2 XS with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Johnson. I'm the editor for eHow's tech channel and let's unbox The Roku 2 XS. This is a wildly popular home theater set top box that lets you pull in content from a number of sources and watch in on your big screen TV kind of like The Apple TV does. So let's find out what is in the box of this thing. Okay open it up, you've got a getting started guide and it's actually a pretty good one so you can follow the directions here if you like. And this is kind of an interesting crafts project this, this box here, I'm just going to pull it out and we have stuff hiding on the sides and stuff on the top. So first and foremost we've got the remote control and it's packaged up like an ice cream sandwich or some thing so we'll pull that out and you notice that this thing has a wrist strap associated with it the reason is that this isn't just any ordinary remote control like you would have for a TiVo or your home theater reliever, this is actually a motion controller kind of like the Wii so you might want to strap it onto your wrist before you use it. The, you wouldn't typically need the motion control aspect for just changing channels and watching a movie, but you could actually play games with this and it comes with Angry Birds. This is The Roko itself and it's covered in some plastic so we can take that off and that's what it looks like. It's I, I love this it has this little tag on the side kind of like it's a pair of jeans. Good old AC adapter for getting it powered up. And then over on this side we have batteries. And this is just a standard composite audio visual connector you can use this if you have an older TV that dosen't have HDMI if you have an HDMI television take this and trow it away, you wont ever want to use it, trust me. Instead you're going to take your HDMI connector and plug it into to the back of The Roku and power it up and then wait for it to start to talk to the TV and while you're doing that you can put in some batteries. Alright once you get the initial setup screen just go ahead and step through it and follow the directions. So you have a choice of wireless or wired and we're going to use the wireless network that's here in, in the studio. Go ahead and enter the password. So to active The Roku it's going to give you a code on your TV which you need to go roku.com/link, enter the code, it'll ask for some credit card information even if you're not going to actually buy programming it just wants it for security purposes. And then finally you get to a screen like this where you get to choose all of the services, Netflix, Amazon video, Crackle, Hulu Plus and so on. All the free ones are already checked and anything that would be premium charge you would, you would add yourself. When you're all set, click continue. And that's pretty much all there is to it. After you click okay on those channels The Roku does some updating, it installs all that content and then here you are and you have all, all of the channels and various pieces of content that you had installed on your PC on The Roku ready to go. Happy, happy television watching.

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