Unboxing the Fitbit Ultra

The Fitbit Ultra is a health and fitness tracker that also monitors your sleep. See more about the Fitbit Ultra with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Dave Johnson. I'm the editor of eHow's Tech channel and let's unbox the Fitbit Ultra. So this is a really cool device. I've actually used one of these myself for a least the last year. It is a health and fitness tracker that also monitors your sleep. And so let's go ahead and crack this box open and see what it looks like. When you open up the box the very first thing you hit a really interesting little getting started guide that tells you everything you need to know to get up and running with your Fitbit Ultra. And it all fits on one little piece of paper. So that cool. So then we slide out the rest and we get this which looks like something Indiana Jones would be stealing or some sort of museum display. It's really neat, but this is the Fitbit, so we just need to get it off of its little stand. And that's the device. And let's see what else we have here. It's a bunch of goodies in the box. This is the dock and it has a USB cable and you just plug this into your laptop or PC or whatever device you're using at home. And once you do that, the way you charge your Fitbit is, it just snaps on there. It has a nice little click that feels nice. And we've got a wrist strap and that's also part of the dock. And this is an optional belt clip. Typically the way you would wear this is you would like clip it onto a belt or your waist or something like that. If that doesn't work well for you, you can actually slip it in here and then clip this device on. I never use that I just use this. All right. So what do you do? To get up and running with this thing, the very first thing you're going to want to do, follow these directions. They're really good. You're just going to go online, go to the Fitbit website and set up an account. And that will allow you to upload all the data from your Fitbit to the web and so you can see graphs and charts and see how you're performing and all that sort of thing. This will track all the steps you take and the calories you're burning through the day. And it night, when you're getting ready to go to bed, you put this strap on your arm and the Fitbit slides into a little pocket and you let it know, and this is really important, you have to do this. When you're getting ready to go to bed you press and hold this button for 3 seconds. And what will happen is it'll go into sleep mode. And then it'll monitor your sleep all night and let you know how you're sleeping, whether you're waking up, how much you toss and turn. When you wake up in the morning the first thing you should do, press and hold this 3 seconds again, it'll say stop, which means it's no longer monitoring your sleep. Take it off the wrist band, put it on your belt or on your waist and it'll track all your calories and your steps through the day again. So that's pretty much all you need to know. This will also download all it's data to the PC whenever you plug it into the dock and charge it up, which you only need to do a couple times a week or once a week, something like that. So, great for anybody that wants to get healthier and improve the way they sleep and what they're eating and how they're exercising.

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