Unboxing the iPod Nano

Apple's iPod Nano is another in the company's long line of high level portable music devices. Experience the unboxing of the iPod Nano with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Dave Johnson, editor of eHow's Tech channel, and let's unbox the brand new iPod Nano. So what I've got here is the brand new iPod Nano and this box is just an absolute work of art. I love this thing. So to open it you need to peel back some tape that's holding it all together. Pull this off and here's the iPod. First of all, I'm just blown away by how small this thing is. But I don't know if you can really see how awesome this container is that's holding it in place. It's like a statue on a stand in a museum. So I'm going to pull it out of it and you don't really need that anymore unless you're going to put it on display in your house somewhere. And it looks beautiful, right. But that's because, hah, it's a sticker. So we'll get the sticker out of there and it looks exactly the same as it did before. The power button is right here on top so you turn it on and you have access to all the most important stuff that you need for your new iPod. But before we get to that let's take a look at what else is in the box. So we open up this flap and we have a quick start guide and warranty information and it very thoughtfully says, hello. And buried in the box we have ear buds. And probably the most controversial thing in the box is a brand new connector to charge it and to connect to your PC. So everybody has seen USB a million times before, but the other end is not the wide connector that you're used to for iOS devices. Instead it's this little tiny thing. And so if you have other iOS devices you're not going to be able to use the same cable for your Nano But what is really cool and I just love this to death, is the fact that the cable is symmetric. So you can insert it this way or you can flip it a hundred and eighty degrees and insert it and it works either way. So you never have to fumble with a cable again trying to figure out how to insert it. So that's great. So let's turn this puppy on. Again, the power button's at the top and you do everything by typing and swiping. So there's two screens worth of stuff. The second screen has a clock and settings. And the first one is where you're going to play music and that sort of thing. So absolutely connect this thing to your PC and you know, transfer music onto it from iTunes. But after you do that my next recommendation is don't just use the ear buds that came with it. I am a big fan of Bluetooth headsets. That's what this one is. It goes over the ear like that. And it's wireless, it's Bluetooth. So if you want to use it all you have to do is go into settings, here in your iPod. The very top item is Bluetooth, tap it, turn it on and once you do that it'll help you find the headset connect to it and then when you listen to music, and you're going out for a jog or something like that, you just stick this in your pocket, put the headphones on and there's no cables dangling or anything like that. So that's the iPod Nano. This is just a great little device and weighs absolutely nothing and it takes about as long as I just showed you to get it up and running.

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