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Making mushroom fritatta requires you to have a few key ingredients and just the right recipe. Get a mushroom fritatta recipe with help from a chef, coach and food expert in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Randy Rabney of the Conscious Plate. I'm a chef, a coach, and an expert on teaching people how easy it can be to eat real food on a regular basis. And this is how to make a mushroom frittata. So if you are not familiar with a frittata it's simply an Italian version of an omelet. Often times when I make it for people they think that I am serving them a quiche. I like to put lots of vegetables in my frittata. And I often change it up seasonally. In fact the frittata is a go to dish for me. So lets get started on making our mushroom frittata. So I'm working today with this eight inch cast iron skillet. And I'm making a small frittata using only four eggs. Sometimes I like to make a much larger one if I'm feeding a lot of people or if I want it to last for more then one day. In fact, for me this frittata is going to last for two days. So I put a little bit of extra virgin olive oil into my cast iron pan. And I'm also going to put some butter. This is going to give great flavor and it's going to help to ensure that my frittata won't stick. Now I start the frittata on top of the stove but we end up finishing it in the oven. And I'm going to add some thinly sliced onion. To that I'm adding a pinch of unrefined sea salt and I'm going to let our onions begin to cook. Now it's up to you if you want to let them brown. I don't think that it's necessary. But what I do think is important is that you cook the onions until they are at least translucent because you don't want any raw onion flavor in your frittata. So I'm just going to let these cook for awhile. And I'm going to lower the heat a little bit because I don't wan them to burn. Now the mushrooms that I'm using are a mix of portobello and crimini. These are also sold as baby bellos. So the portobello is a much larger mushroom and I'm going to be cutting that into chunks. I didn't use the stem cause the stem tends to be a little bit tough. Sometimes I do use it and chop it up small. But I've chosen not to use it today. So I've already sliced this portobello. I didn't slice it too thinly cause I like to get a nice meaty mushroom bite. Just going to cut this into bite size chunks. And I've already sliced up a lot of these criminis. Sometimes I add shiitakes. If you like white mushrooms you can use white mushrooms. You can even use dried mushrooms that you reconstitute in some warm water. And that's easy to have on hand all the time. So these onions are almost ready. And as soon as they are we'll begin to add our mushrooms. So I'm going to start to add the mushrooms now. And we've a lot of mushrooms here. So I'm going to add them in shifts because it's not a very large pan. And you want to make sure that they do get cooked. And as I add them I'm just adding a teeny bit of the unrefined sea salt. Not too much cause you don't want it to get overly salty. And you want to give this the time it needs to cook. And as it cooks it will shrink down. So I'm adding a little bit more of the portobello. And I'm going to add a nice big handful or two of the crimini. A little bit more of my unrefined sea salt.And we are just going to let this cook away. So this is going to be a nice amount of vegetables in our frittata. And I happen to be a very big fan of the flavor combination of mushrooms and eggs. And I especially love the flavor of mushrooms, eggs, and cheese. So in a minute we are going to be adding our egg mixture. And what I have here is a combination of four farm fresh eggs mixed with some organic whole milk. Take a look at the color. That's because the yolk was so beautiful bright orange. You really don't find that in conventional eggs. And now what I'm going to do is I'm going to add some Parmigiano-Reggiano. Which is a cheese from Italy. It's a cow's milk cheese and it's actually made from raw milk. Just going to give this a little mix. And we are going to add it right into our vegetable mixture in the pan. Just want to make sure I get all of that good cheese. So now what we are going to do is we are really going to lower the heat. Because the truth is eggs like to cook on a low heat. And the way you would make perfect scrambled eggs is by cooking them on a very low heat and letting them start to set, and then giving them a stir. And it kind of looks like I'm doing that now right? But I'm not making scrambled eggs. You'll see I'm making a frittata which is almost going to look like a pancake. So we are going to let this set. And then we'll give it a stir. And that gives it like this creamy custard like consistency. And then we finish it in the oven. So I'm just going to give it another stir. And you can see how it's set on the bottom. Right? You want it to set up just a little bit more before we put it in the oven. And before we put it in the oven I'm also going to give it a nice additional topping of the Parmesan cheese. See what I'm using, it's my vegetable peeler. And this is going to allow me to make beautiful thin slices of this Parmesan cheese. But I'm just going to drape over the top of this frittata. And this will melt right into the frittata. If we do it right it might even brown. And now we are ready to put our frittata in the oven. So I'm putting the frittata right in. I'm putting it in on the middle shelf. And I'm just going to let it go and we'll check it in about 10 minutes and we'll see if it's ready. We'll know if it's ready cause it will be completely firm. Now my oven has been preheated to 350 degrees. So now it's time to check on our frittata and I think it's probably ready to come out of the oven. So I actually moved it to the higher shelf so it will be closer to the heat source. So that I can let the cheese get a little bit brown. See how puffy it is. It's not going to last though. I'm going to let it sit for a minute and that puffiness will begin to come down. The thing that's nice about a frittata is that it tastes good hot. It tastes good cold. And it tastes good room temperature. Great flavor. Mushroom, onion, cheese. Beautiful, beautiful eggs. I'm Randy Rabney of the Conscious Plate. And this is how to make a mushroom frittata.


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