Crunchy Asian Chicken Salad

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Crunchy Asian chicken salad needs to be prepared very specifically for the most delicious end result possible. Make crunch Asian chicken salad with help from a chef, coach and food expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Randy Rabney of The Conscious Plate. I am a chef, a coach and a expert on teaching people how to eat real food on a regular basis and how to do it easily. So today we're going to make a crunchy Asian chicken salad and the crunch primary is going to come from our vegetables. We have some nice fresh carrots, we have some nice sweet bell pepper and the main ingredient that I'm going to be using today is bok choy. Bok choy has a great flavor when it's raw, it's going to add great crunch to out salad and you'll get a different texture from the leaf than you will from it's stalk. Now in addition to the bok choy we'll be adding some arugula for pepperiness and we'll be adding some cilantro. I love to put fresh herbs in a salad. In this particular salad cilantro works beautifully, but if you wanted to you could also or instead add mint or maybe some Thai basil. Also for some additional crunch we're going to be adding some cashews and then of course we'll be adding our chicken. So I'm going to get started by putting some arugula in the bowl and to that I'm adding the leafs of cilantro, I'm going to add the red pepper that I've sliced, julienned and I'm going to add the carrot, which I just pealed and cut on the bias. Now I'm going to cut the bok choy so I'm just going to cut off this end piece and then I'm just going to slice it. See how crunchy it is? You can hear as the knife goes through it so I'm slicing through the stems and now I'm slicing through the leafs and this is going to be the primary greens in our salad giving us flavor, texture and crunch. And now it's time to add our chicken so what I have here is just some chicken breast and you can use some leftover roasted chicken or a store bought rotisserie chicken, what I have is chicken breast that I poached yesterday. So I had a chicken breast on the bone and all I did was boil some water, I salted the chicken, I threw in a bay leaf, if you want to you could put a little soy sauce in the mix sense we're making a Asian chicken salad. And I'm simply going to shred this piece of chicken that I've taken off the bone and I prefer the chicken to be shredded rather than chopped, but if you want to chop it that's fine too and as you can see a small amount of chicken goes a long way in this preparation, if you like more feel free to use more. I'm more about the vegetables in my salad. And now we're into the bowl with our chicken and our last ingredient is our cashews and then it's time to make our dressing. So I'm starting with some organic tamari which is a gluten free soy sauce and I'm just going to go with a small amount it's going to give us a great depth of flavor, it's a strong flavor, it might be stronger than most soy sauces that you're use to. Often times in Asian cooking you'll find that people use sugar, I prefer not to so I'm adding a little bit mirin for the sweetness, if you don't want to use mirin or if you can't find it you could use some organic apple juice or even some fresh orange juice or maybe a little bit of raw honey, if you are using mirin be careful, be sure find a product that's clean like this one, that isn't made with added ingredients like corn syrup. Now next I'm going to add my acid and I'm actually using two types of acid today, I'm using some brown rice vinegar, which will be nice in this salad, it's a nice clean light vinegar and I'm using an unseasoned rice vinegar. I just want to point that out to you because a lot of vinegars are seasoned to make your sushi rice and they have sugar and other things added to it. Now the other acid that I'm using is a piece of fresh lime, I'm just suing a little bit of fresh lime juice and that's going to brighten things up and give a little extra flavor, I love the fresh citrus in here. And now I'm adding a little bit of toasted sesame oil now this is not my main oil, it's a condiment that's going to give us great flavor, but I'm also going to use some extra virgin olive oil. And when you make a vinaigrette even this Asian vinaigrette usually rule of thumb is three to one, three parts oil to one part acid. So I already have a little bit of oil in here, I'm going to use a little bit more, I may do more like a two to one just for this one because I like the acidic quality of this dressing, usually I like it less acidic for it to feel balanced to me, but in this particular salad I like to feel more acid. And then I'm just going to give this a quick whisk and I'm going to pour it on my salad and season it with a little bit of salt, unrefined sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. I'm going to give this a little toss, going to add a little pinch of sea salt even though the soy sauce or tamari is salty it's not the same as salt, salt is a flavor enhancer, I did not go heavily with it, a little bit of black pepper because I like that and I'm just going to taste again for balance. Yes, I like that. And now it's time to plate our salad. I love all the colors in here it's so inviting, look how beautiful that is, whoops, the carrots, the peppers, the different shades of green, it's going to be crunchy, it's going to be flavorful, it's going to be sweet and we are ready to try it. And now I get to taste it. Sorry, it's very crunchy, I don't know of you can hear that crunch. I love the acid in the dressing, I love the different textures in my mouth, all of that fresh flavor. I'm Randy Rabney of The Conscious Plate. And this is how to make a crunchy Asian chicken salad.


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