How to Make a Chopped Salad

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There are a few different variations on the classic chopped salad that you can make depending on your preferences. Make a chopped salad with help from a chef, coach and food expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Randy Rabney of the Conscious Plate. I'm a chef, a couch and an expert on teaching people how to make real food very easily. And this is how to make a chopped salad. So today I'm making my favorite fall version of a chopped salad for you. The great thing about a chopped salad in my opinion is that all of the pieces are small so that when you take a bite you get all of these textures and flavors in your mouth at the same time. And the salad I'm making today has the fall flavor of apple, which mixes beautifully with cheddar, pumpkin seeds, some spicy arugula and some romaine lettuce. Now let's get started. So the idea of a chopped salad is that you want to try and get everything uniformly sized. And I'm saying try because I don't want you to be intimidated. Don't be afraid to make a chopped salad because you don't think you have the knife skills to get everything absolutely perfect. It doesn't have to be perfect you just have to have the intention. And so I've taken my knife and you can see I went one way through the arugula, and now I'm just going the other way through the arugula. I have some chopped up pieces that I'm putting into the salad bowl. Now my next ingredient is romaine lettuce. And I've chosen to use romaine because it's nice and crisp and crunchy. Just cutting off the end and I'm going again, making slices and I'm going to try to get my lettuce to be roughly the same size as my arugula. So I went through it one way and now I'm going to go through it the other and I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to put that into my salad bowl along with the arugula. Now my next ingredient is my apple. You can't think of fall without thinking of fresh apples, isn't that true? At least I can't. And you can use any apple that you like. I have some local apples that I got at my market. And I'm just going to cut those again making slices and then dices, wanting them to be more or less the same size as my pieces of arugula and lettuce. Think about a chopped salad if you've every had one. You get that great feeling in your mouth when you get little pieces of everything. All of that texture and flavor, I think that's what people like about chopped salad. And then again, right into the bowl. So I've also decided to put cheese in this salad. And the cheese that I use is cheddar. The reason why I've chosen cheddar is that it pairs so beautifully with the apple. But you can use any cheese that you like. I've chosen to use the aged raw cheddar. And I like to use raw cheese when I can. A lot of people have a hard time eating dairy and they think that the problem is the dairy. But in fact for many people the problem is the pasteurization. Because when milk is pasteurized it kills an enzyme that we need to help digest the dairy. So for some people that can't drink milk, they can eat raw cheese. So if you're one of those people, you might want to give it a try. So I've cut this cheddar similarly in size to my other ingredients in the bowl and then our final ingredient before we dress the salad are some toasted pumpkin seeds. So I started with raw pumpkin seeds also sometimes sold as pepitas. And what I did is right in this pot over a fairly high flame, I toasted them. And I stood over it so that they wouldn't burn, shaking them gently, just letting the aroma come out. It almost smells like popcorn popping until they get this nice light brown color. And it brings out the flavor in the pumpkin seed. Because this is a fall chopped salad and pumpkin is something that we also think about in fall. It's a perfect seasonal item. And now it's time to dress the salad. And I'm going to dress it very simply with just some olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. When I dress a salad I use the best extra virgin olive oil that I can get. And I have one that I love here. It's an organic extra virgin olive oil. And when you dress a salad basically the rule of thumb is you want to go three parts oil to one part vinegar. And I don't like my salad to be over dressed. So I'm just dressing it lightly. And I'm using Balsamic vinegar today. Sometimes with this salad I choose to use apple cider vinegar, but today I'm using Balsamic. Just a little bit goes a long way. Didn't use that much olive oil. And to that just a small pinch of an unrefined sea salt, just as a flavor enhancer not to make it salty. And then I give it a toss. And now it's time to plate our salad. Beautiful color, light green, dark green, red from the apple. It's going to have great texture, great flavors, sweetness, creaminess, pepperiness, crunch. And now I get to taste it. Hmm, so fresh and delicious. So much flavor for so little effort. I hope you'll try and make this. I'm Randy Rabney of the Conscious Plate. And this is how to make a chopped salad.


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