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The type of tie that you should wear for a particular event depends entirely on a few important things. Learn how to decide which tie to wear with help from a Los Angeles-based image and fashion consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Lori Ann Robinson, and I am an image and fashion consultant. Today's question is how to decide what tie to wear? Ties are very individual and very personal for you guys. You know it's one of your big accessories that you can wear. So you want to make sure it aligns with your personality. And that whatever tie you are wearing doesn't overpower you or maybe even comes in the room before you do. You want to make sure it works with you, your personality, and the job that you are doing. Really, really, bright loud ties probably are not going to be you know, you know they are going to be frowned upon if you are in a very conservative business. No one is really going to like you coming to work with one of these type of clown looking ties. So the tie should blend with your suit color. Gray suit I have a variety of different purple ties with different patterns in them that you can wear. Now one of the big tricks is you want to make sure that the lapel of the jacket and the width of the tie they align. That it's not going to be wider then the jacket lapel, that's really important. And now a lot of the jackets are with a narrower lapel you know all on Mad Men kind of look. So you want to make sure that your ties work with it. And that goes along too for your collars that you want to have a smaller collar too to go along with the lapel and the tie. So on your ties again you want to pick them that will you know align with your personality, align with your business. Colors that are flattering on you. You don't want to wear ties if the color isn't right on you. If you have say cool skin tones you don't want to be wearing bright yellow and orange ties. They are not going to work for you. You are better off with the blues and the greens. Something more subtle. So it's a chance to have a good time and really have your personality come out with this particular accessory. Also different times of the year. In the summer time you don't want to wear a wool tie or a knit tie. You are going to wear a lighter weight tie whether it be cotton or even a silk. Same goes now the winter, now we are getting into wools and sweaters, and tweeds. So you can at that point change into more of a winter tie which then could be something that has got a wool blend or a knit blend to it. So be aware of what type of suit you are wearing to make sure that the tie works with that season also. Big, big bold patterns should be on men that are of a larger stance. That you are a larger man that wears a wider lapel also on your jacket. The skinny lapels just don't look quite right. You want to make sure that you wear a jacket that's got a wider lapel. You could have something more of a bolder tie where as a smaller man wants to keep the styles more sophisticated and a little bit smaller in pattern. To then align again with their body size. If you want to wear a tie bar, they are very much in vogue these days because of the skinnier ties. The tie bar should be placed between the third and the fourth button in this area of your shirt. So look between the third and the fourth button and that's where you want to place the tie clip. I'm Lori Ann Robinson. Thank you for joining me today.


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