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There are many different ways that men can wear a t-shirt and still look presentable. Wear a t-shirt for men with help from a Los Angeles-based image and fashion consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Lori Ann Robinson, and I am an image and fashion consultant. Today's question is how to wear a T-shirt. And yes, this one is again for you guys. How to wear a T-shirt? T-shirts are great. T-shirts are easy just throw on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and you are ready to go. Right. Well I'm going to give you a few hints that you might want to think about before you purchase that next T-shirt. First of all, T-shirts don't have a lot of body to them. You know there's not a lot of structure to a T-shirt. So you have to be careful of fit if you want to look your best. some T-shirts are cut very narrow and can be too tight. And some will be cut a little bit too full for you. So you need to work with your body type and brands. Make sure you wear brands that fit you well. Also you want to make sure that the neck is nice. That you have a banded neck. It keeps the stability in the neck and from it stretching out too much. The sleeves there's all different lengths of sleeves. So if you really want to show off your arms and you've got great arms then go for a little bit of a shoulder short sleeve. And if your arms aren't so great that's not your great wonderful area you might want to go with a sleeve that's a little bit longer. Maybe almost even down to the elbow. Now also be aware if you are a very bulky big muscled guy that these sleeves might get really tight on you and strain the fabric. And it just almost looks a little bit too small on you. That look so you might want to then go up a size. There's no hard and fast rules on sizing of T-shirts. All T-shirts are not created equal. Each T-shirt is what we call in the trade a body. The style of it is a body. So you want to make sure you work with a manufacturer's body which is the shape of the shirt that works best for you and for your physique. So don't get hung up on one size cause you what you might be a medium in one T-shirt you might end up being an extra large in another manufacturer. So just be aware that when you are purchasing a T-shirt. And also just make sure that the fabrication is good. It's going to hold up the best through repeated washings. So this is a really nice what we call hand. It has a really nice feel to it. And I know with repeated washing it's going to hold up and be much better then something that is just really lightweight and not a lot of body too. Here's another style of T-shirt. You don't have to have just a plain one. These are some new T-shirts that are out there a little bit more interesting. For instance, they have a little tab on the sleeve that gives a nice little detailing. A little folded over flat type of cuff looking on that sleeve edge. Also the flat fell seams which are these seams are done in a darker color so it's a little bit more interesting. Along with not your regular plain T-shirt pocket that got a couple of little studs on this one. And it's a little bit smaller. So if you are a big T-shirt wearer, you might want to investigate some ones that are a little bit more interesting to add to your collection. So those are some tips on T-shirts. I'm Lori Ann Robinson. Thank you for joining me today.


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