How Men Can Look Thinner in Their Clothes

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Men can look thinner in their clothes by embracing a few key techniques. Find out about how men can look thinner in their clothes with help from a Los Angeles-based image and fashion consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lori Ann Robinson, and I am an Image and Fashion Consultant. So, how can men look thinner in clothes? There are some great tips I'm going to share with you today that will help you look thinner. First of all, dark colors. They're always the most slimming whenever you wear a darker color. Not only dark colors, but think vertical lines. This shirt's thin vertical lines, anything with thin stripes. Now, if it were a shirt with really wide stripes, sort of like an awning stripes, that's not good, even though it's vertical. That striping is too wide, it's just going to make you look broader. So, stick with stripes that are closer together and with a darker background. You don't want to wear anything that's got a heavy tweeds or a lot of bulky fabrics and bulky thick knit sweaters. Keep everything a bit flatter in the knit, like a cashmere or a merino knit that's, that it's a thinner knit, that will make you look much thinner. Also, you want to avoid really really light colors. When you wear a light color and you want to look thinner, it's going to make you look actually bigger. So, again, you want to stick to the darker colors and, in, sort of that mid-tone color will be the lightest color you every want to wear. And think monochromatically. If you are big up and down, you know, if you really want to slim down your entire silhouette, then think darker shirt, darker pants. That will instantly slim you down, along with making sure your belt is darker also. You want to keep it, a dark belt on because as soon as you put a light belt on, it's going to draw attention to your mid-section, in the center of your body and it's going to make you look bigger. If you really want to look thinner, always add a jacket or a vest or something over top of this, of just a plain shirt; it will camouflage your mid-section and you'll look thinner and make sure your clothes fit you well. If you wear things that are too tight, they're going to make you look even bigger. If you wear things too baggy, they're going to make you look bigger. So, make sure your clothes just skim your body and a tailor is going to be your best friend. So, those are some tips today on how to look thinner. I'm Lori Ann Robinson, thanks for joining.


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