How Should Big Men Dress?

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Big men should always try to pick out clothes that flatter them. Find out about how big men should dress with help from a Los Angeles-based image and fashion consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Lori Ann Robinson, and I am an image and fashion consultant. So, how should big men dress? First of all, you want to make sure your clothes fit and flatter you. Again, don't wear anything too skimpy, too tight because it's just going to make you look bigger. And don't wear anything too big and baggy. You're going to get lost under there. It's better to make sure you have your clothes just skimming your body. So find yourself a really good tailor. They're going to be your best friend and hang on to them because you're going to want to have your clothing tailored to fit your body. It might even mean you need to have some custom things made. It's not that cost prohibitive. So take a look at having something made if you're really having a hard time finding clothing that fits you well. Darker colors will also make you look thinner if your midsection is your problem area and you want to you know, de-emphasize the tummy. So wearing darker colors, flat knits, V necks all always great. They will make your face look longer. They give you a narrower look than wearing a crew neck. So it's very very flattering. And even if you were to wear an open collared shirt this sweater that would be really nice also. This would be a better shirt because it's got thinner stripes and it's of a darker color. This is going to give you a wider appearance even though it's got the great vertical stripes, but they're lighter colors. And they're wider stripes so this is going to make you look wider. A jacket with these double vents in the back, is not always the most flattering for a bigger man. Sometimes if you have a bigger tushy area, this flap can actually you know, protrude and make your backside look a little bit bigger. So you don't want to have the two side vents on your jacket. A single vent is much bigger for a bigger man because the whole jacket is going to lie much flatter against the tush areas. Also never wear really pleated pants. Because those pleats are just going to add fullness around your midsection and your hip line that you don't need. So you're better off with a flat front pant. Make sure that your pant is on the darker side and your belt is going to be darker and you make sure that the shoe is darker. So you give yourself a really good long lean line. Also think in terms of verticals, vertical lines with stripes. And thinner stripes are going to be better for you and darker stripes are going to be better. You don't want to end up with a shirt with a lot of different colored stripes because that's just going to give you a broader appearance. So will some plaids unless you go with a very dark subdued plaid. So you're better off with the stripes and the solids then anything too terribly printy. So those are some tips today on how a big man can look thinner in clothes. I'm Lori Ann Robinson.


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