How to Reduce Marsala Wine

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Marsala comes from Sicily and is blended of indigenous grapes. Find out how to properly reduce Marsala wine with help from the owner of Celebrations Wine Club in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Anna Maria Knapp, Owner of Celebrations Wine Club, and our topic is how to reduce Marsala wine. Marsala comes from Sicily, it's a blend of indigenous grapes, several of them and fortified by spirits to preserve it for a long period of time. Marsala has been mostly a mass produced wine and that's why it's so prevalent in cooking in sauces and so forth. And although now it is being made as a premium wine and can be a delicious drink, but we are going to be using it in cooking and it, reduction in, in cooking means simply evaporation. So, we do that in order to intensify flavors and sauces and in bakery goods as well. So, we are going to demonstrate how you reduce Marsala wine with a recipe, Veal Marsala, which is simple and delicious. Vic Bourassa, Owner of well-known Bourassa Vineyards in Napa Valley is going to demonstrate the recipe. It's not at all unusual for winemakers to be chefs as well because they have an acute sense of smell and of taste and that can easily be adapted to cooking, which Vic does a lot especially for his own customers at the winery. Okay, today, we're going to show you how to reduce Marsala. Marsala is a beautiful wine, it goes perfect with veal. Marsala is an oxidized caramelized kind of a wine; it's got a lot of nice brandy or spirits in it that keeps it from spoiling and when it's reduced, that takes on a beautiful nutty flavor. So, what I've done is I've prepared this veal with a little flour, salt and pepper and a little herbs de provence. Put it in a pan for about a minute per side, maybe a minute and a half per side, get it nice and brown. Then, we're going to get in some browning or reducing the Marsala. And when you brown or when you do reduce Marsala, what we want to do is get the pan nice and hot because it reduces quicker and it'll flame the Marsala. Flaming your Marsala will actually get the alcohol of it on a little bit quicker note and then, it reduces slightly; you don't want to reduce it a lot. Once this has browned, we're going to take it out and we're going to do the Marsala. It creates a beautiful nutty flavor, once you've got it to flame down, you can turn that off a little bit. We're going to add a nice little pot of butter in here, get that in there to reduce. Yeah, this is perfect. We pour it on top of the Mars, on top of the veal; that is a great veal reduction. We have just reduced Marsala wine. Marsala wine if you go to the store to buy it, you can use either a dry Marsala or a little bit sweeten Marsala. I happen to like the sweeten, it gives it a little more nutty flavor to the finished product. But, wine and cooking, you can even use red wine for cooking and white wine for cooking. So, this has been a great way to reduce Marsala. You've just seen Vic Bourassa-reduced Marsala wine. You can do it too. I'm Anna Maria Knapp, Celebrations Wine Club.


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