How to Do Makeup Like an Old Woman

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Doing your makeup like an old woman is a lot easier than you might think. Find out how to do your makeup like an old woman with help from a certified makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Erin Hendley, Professional Makeup Artist, and today I'm going to show you how to do makeup like an old woman. So, there are very many different techniques you can do to age yourself, but one of the easiest, quickest ones is the squinting method. And that means what we're going to do is take a color on our foundation palette that reads a little bit darker than the natural skin tone which are going to be our wrinkle colors. So, I'm just going to have our model squint really hard, perfect and we're just going to accentuate the wrinkles that we're creating by squinting. And you just keep holding that face, [Laugh], and make sure to get, you know, the nose, all these areas that we're normally going to see wrinkled as an older person. And then of course the forehead, "Perfect; yeah, just lift the eyebrows a little more, yeah, perfect." We always see the wrinkles in older people on their forehead, so that's important to get. This is a great method especially if you're seeing it up close. And then, go ahead and put a lighter tone foundation on the skin just to blend it a little since we're combining a, a naturally darker color with a lighter one. And then, we're going to go in and detail with a thin brush and just, "Lift your forehead up again," and go in and detail with the darker color to really make it show up and pop. The combination of these two techniques really help each other out. "And then squint the eyes." And then, it's always great to just go in and of course, we always age down slightly. And then our mouth lines get sunken in, it's a lovely thing; we're going to blend those in. Just take your finger, it's your best blending tool that you have and just keep going in and detailing in the squinted areas. The more lines you draw, the older you're going to look; it just depends on the age you want to represent. And another cool effect is to use a stippling sponge with kind of like a red or purple color and just give it some of those aging spots that we see on people. They're just dark, you see it around their eyes with the broken blood, blood vessels. You tap that in place. So, the more you put on, the older you will look. And that is up to you to dictate how old you want to look or appear. I'm Erin Hendley and I just showed you how to do old woman makeup.


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