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Many different hairstyles naturally go really well for a fun night out on the town. Learn about fun night out on the town hairstyles with help from an experienced and accomplished hairdresser in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Claire, I am a hairdresser and I'm going to show you how to style your hair for a fun night out on the town. Now the tools that I'm going to be using are a teasing brush and hair spray. I'm also going to be using an elastic band. We're going to pull all the hair up into a high ponytail and you can use your brush, you can use your fingers to get all the way up in there. Sometimes it's easier to use a brush just because it helps gather everything and makes it nice and smooth. There we go. And I want this to be really, really high. So I'm just going to keep brushing until it gets to exactly where I want it. Nice and smooth. And then secure with a ponytail holder. OK. And once everything is secure, I'm just going to spray a little bit, smooth it out. All right. Then I'm going to tease the ponytail. So we're going to start from the bottom section. So just put all that forward. And we're just going to tease, starting at the root, and work your way up the hair, holding the strand tight. And just get a lot of volume in there. And just keep working all the strands of hair. It's easy to go back in if you miss a couple. It's not a big deal. There's really no rhyme or reason to it except for starting from the base and going to the ends. Doing that just makes it easier for your hair when you want to brush it out. OK. And you basically just want to get a big fat fluff ball. Keep teasing, almost there. So you see we have a big giant mess. You're just going to wrap it and smooth it around. Just keep wrapping, using your hands to smooth it until you get like a nice big voluminous knot on the top of your head. Big top knot bun. And then just check in the mirror and see the shape that you want, and then once you have the shape that you like, just securing it with a couple bobby pins. Just stick them right in there and just try and make sure that you don't pin them directly to the elastic, otherwise you're going to lose your shape. So just keep it nice and fat. This will almost hold itself because of all the teasing, but you're just going to get a nice little cotton candy, voluminous knot up here. One more pin I think we should be good. Yeah, that looks great. And then just adjust your front little bit. My name is Claire, and this is a fun way to style your hair for a night out on the town.


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