Chic Scene Styles for Long Hair

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Long hair naturally lends itself to a wide variety of different gorgeous chic scene styles. Style your long hair in chic scene styles with help from an experienced and accomplished hairdresser in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Claire. I'm a hair dresser. I'm going to show you a chic style for long hair. So the tools I'm going to use, I'm just going to use a Mason Pierson brush, I'm going to use a long thin scarf, about that long, and I'm also going to be using a soft pomade. Pomade I'm just going to work on to my hands about a nickel's worth size. And just work it all through my hands. And this is just going to smooth out the hair to get it into a place that you want. And you want to do something pretty sleek so just get it working through all of your hair. It'll help get rid of any of the frizz, anything that might be sticking out. And we're really just going to define the front and get it nice and smooth. So I'm going to show you how to make a hair turban using a scarf. OK you're going to fold your scarf in half, and you're going to place it at the nape of your hair. I like to start here and just smooth it down and just kind of helps stick it to your hair nice and smooth. And wrap it around. Then you're going to take the scarf, cross it, twist it, twice so that it creates this little knot on the front. Then you're going to wrap it around the back and tie it into a knot. And you have a cute little turban. Just kind of place your hair just kind of exactly how you want it. And smooth everything out. Can use your fingers to just tuck it in. And then you're going to take your brush and just smooth everything through. There we go. My name is Claire, and this is a chic way to style long hair.


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