What Complexions Look Right With Red Lipstick?

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Red lipstick really goes well with certain types of complexions. Find out what complexions look great with red lipstick with help from an experienced New York makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, my name is Joi, makeup artist in New York and today I'm gonna answer the question, "which complexions look right with red lipstick?" So, we've got our red lipsticks today and that's gonna be part of our demo in just a second, here. But, first of all, just to answer the actual question, any complexion can look good with red lipstick. It's just a matter of testing a few out and choosing something that matches for you. So, for our model today, we've actually used a sort of blue undertone red lipstick, which tends to look good on various complexions. Something that can actually help you when you're choosing your red lipstick is to swatch it. Swatching, meaning we just take a little bit when you're out in the store trying to make your selection and you put it to the back of your hand. You wanna put them close enough to each other so that you can kind of compare and see what the different tones look like against your skin. So, just to show you here, I'm going to select a couple, there's one. Bright red, and we've got one that's a little darker, a little shinier, and then I've got another shade of red. And what this does is you're putting them close enough to compare to each other and then you're also leaving a space in there for your skin color to show through. So, it's a really good way if you're kind of indecisive and you wanna just make a comparison right next to each other. So, go out there and find the right red lipstick for you, and thanks for tuning in. Bye!


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