Raw Turnip Salad

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You can prepare a nice raw turnip salad right in your own kitchen with a few key ingredients. Find out how to make a raw turnip salad with help from a raw vegan chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Chef Sara. Welcome to Chef Sara Raw Vegan Academy and Cafe in the beautiful village of village of Cave Creek, Arizona.. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a raw turnip salad. So, turnip as you know, it's an excellent source of B-six and wonderful source of minerals. So, we'll start with the spirulizer and we'll spirulize the turnip,and you can also use a food processor to shred it, if it's possible to shred it or slice it. That would be fine too. O.k., and here we have that wonderful turnip. You can also chop if, if you like to have, so it's not so long like pasta. So, just put it in the bowl. And to that, we're going to add the rest of the ingredients that we have here. So, we have black pepper which is loaded with anti-oxidants and we have the Himalayan pink salt, a quarter teaspoon of each. The Himalayan pink salt is very high in minerals, it's got 84 minerals, we'll add those two in. And to that, I'm going to add my lemon juice, which is a wonderful source of vitamin C and B, and it's very low in sugar. And to that, I'm going to put the coconut amino, excellent source of potassium, and to that, the olive oil. This is a first cold pressed extra virgin, unfiltered organic olive oil, those are the four things you really want to look for. O.k., and olive oil is very rich in mono-saturated fat, this is the kind of fat that makes you lose fat. And here we have ginger and mint, ginger and garlic, I have about three garlic and about an inch of ginger and I've mined them together in my little, mini food processor. O.k., and now, we want to take the basil, basil is a wonderful source of vitamin K. And also, it's got lots of iron and calcium and you want to do a chiffonade. So, to do a chiffonade, basically you just roll it like that, all the leaves and just slice it very thin. And take the basil, we'll add it right inside here, and we want to mix it really, really well. Put my gloves on, um, that smells so good, yummy, yummy salad. O.k., now, we place it on our dish right here, it really smells so good. O.k., to that, I'm just going to top it with some sunflower sprouts, sunflower sprouts are loaded with protein and minerals. There we go, look how beautiful this is. And here you have it, turnip salad. Thank you for watching and please, for more information, don't forget to visit my website ChefSara.com, Sara with no H. And you can check my book out and the cafe that we have here, it's just absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Namaste.


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