How to Make Raw Pizza

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Making a raw pizza doesn't take nearly as long as you might believe. Find out how to properly and deliciously make a raw pizza with help from a raw vegan chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello my name is Chef Sara. Welcome to Chef Sara All Vegan Academy and Cafe in the beautiful village of Cave Creek, Arizona. Today I'm going to show you how to make an all vegan pizza. We are going to start with my wonderful rosemary bread. By the way, all the recipes that you see here, you're going to find everything inside my book okay? So we're going to start with that beautiful rosemary bread that I made and you dehydrate that for about two hours, that's it, which is amazing, so at 115. Get my gloves and to that I'm going to add my pesto. Pesto of course is your basil and I use also spinach and arugula and some walnuts. It's really wonderful and garlic, it's fabulous. The recipe is in the book. Okay, so we'll start with the pesto. You want to make sure it's all over, let's see that, there we go, perfect. And to that I'm going to add my, this is a marinara sauce. I don't use tomatoes to make my marinara because tomatoes are a night shade unless you grow them in your own garden and wait for them to fully ripe, then they won't be a night shade. So today I'm using red bell pepper to make my marinara sauce. So it's red bell pepper and garlic and basil and a lot of the herbs from my garden. It's just absolutely wonderful and it's so easy to make too. So we have the marinara here and now I want to take some avocado and just a quarter of a half an avocado right here. Let's take a quarter of that and spread it, there we go. And to that I'm going to put my salad, this is chef salad, it's got arugula and spinach and lots of root vegetables that I love, seasonal root vegetables. So you're going to put it just on the top like that, and I'm going to garnish it with Parmesan cheese that I made from walnuts and garlic, and that's all there is to it, blend the whole thing together and here you have a wonderful Parmesan cheese. So you make sure it just goes all over the place and to the side of it I just have a little side of a coleslaw which I made on my own which is absolutely fabulous. It's the best probiotic you can put in your body and here you have it, this is a beautiful, beautiful, all vegan pizza with lots and lots of flavor. Thank you so much for watching. For more information about this recipe, please go into my book and you can visit my academy, my restaurant and my website is, Sara with no H. Thank you very very much for watching. Namaste.


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