How to Make a Raised Planter With Landscape Timbers

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Landscape timbers are going to be an important tool to have around when making a raised planter. Find out how to make a raised planter with landscape timbers with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, garden peeps. Oscar Carmona for Healing Grounds Certified Bio-dynamic Nursery located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California here today to talk to you about how to make a raised bed with landscaping lumber. Wood used for construction of raised beds in any garden situation can vary from the very large railroad tie type sections of wood to two by fours, four by sixes. Cedar, redwood are typical types of wood that are conducive to being outside, outdoors and weathering the changes in the whether patterns throughout the year. I also recommend that you choose lengths roughly around the range of four by eight, eight foot sections cut in half. You get four foot widths. Four foot is probably the maximum width to be able to allow any individual pretty much to reach the center of a given bed. So I don't recommend any wider than four feet. If you do go wider than that you may need to also include the use of stepping stones to allow people to walk into the bed but not trample about and just step in a strategic spot. And that will limit your compaction in the soil. Certainly narrower beds are also possible, two by eight for example as opposed to four by eight. But those lengths are generally the most common found in any lumber yard and probably the most affordable. The type of wood is totally dependent also on the aesthetic that you want to achieve. Certainly bigger beefier pieces of wood would whether longer time and be serviceable for a longer time than thinner pieces of wood for example. But it's all relative and it's just a matter of your tastes and monetary resources and your space. Keep in mind that a garden bed is only as good as its location in terms of access to sun and water and the kind of really rich fertile organic matter that you put into that garden bed. So those are really the key things that no matter what you choose, are going to create healthy vibrant plants and nutritious and good tasting as well. As I always say, remember to feed the soil, and let the plants feed you.


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