How to Grow a Raised Garden

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Growing in a raised garden is a little bit different from the process you would go through to grow in a regular garden. Grow a raised garden with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video clip.

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Hey, gardening peeps. Oscar Carmona, owner of Healing Grounds Certified Bio-Dynamic Nursery located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, here today to talk to you about how to grow vegetables in a raised bed. Now there's basically five things to consider when growing, when thinking about growing vegetables in a raised bed. What those plants that you potentially are going to be choosing for your garden bed require to grow well. Basically we're looking at sunlight hours. How many hours in the day does your bed get. And do you have access to water. Are you adding good organic material to the soil and have good soil material so that you have a lot of good microbiological activity going on in your bed. Space, choosing the right kind of plants so that you're going to give them the appropriate space and make sure they're not being crowded out too much. Techniques such as caging, vertical growth enable you to access the dimension above the garden itself as a space for plants to grow into, giving and setting aside more space on the surface of the soil for the addition of other plants. One thing that I do encourage everybody to consider, I call that the fourth dimension or space through time. Please, please, please remember that your garden is a living growing system. And as such its always changing and developing and maturing and actually you know also getting ready to be replaced. So the more you can see it as sort of a, I guess I like to compare it to a conveyor belt that needs to be added to on a regular basis, short term things every six weeks, seasonal or longer things every kind of three months is a good, ten to twelve weeks is a good amount of time to reconsider another planting. As I always say, it's important to feed the soil so that the plants can feed you. I'm Oscar Carmona for Healing Grounds Certified Bio-dynamic nursery located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Happy gardening.


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