How to Protect Seeds With Burlap

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Burlap is a great resource to use when protecting seeds from the harsh elements. Find out how to protect seeds with burlap with help from an experienced gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Kathy Martin, author of the blog “Skippy’s Vegetable Garden: A Journal of My Sustainable Garden.” I’m here in my fall garden in Belmont, Massachusetts, with my dog Skippy and his friend, and I’m going to show you how to protect seeds with burlap. I’m going to be planting carrot seeds. Carrot seeds are very sensitive to drying out, and they take a few weeks to sprout. So, it’s very helpful to protect them with burlap. Now, I have burlap here – comes from a local five-and-dime store. You can also mail order it from garden supply stores. I’m going to mark out how much I need by putting it down on my row. Looks like it’s the length of my beds. I’m going to cut a piece about a foot wide. So, there’s our burlap ready to go, and I’ll put in a row of carrot seeds. Carrot seeds get planted shallow. I’m going to make a furrow – going make a furrow, it’s about a quarter of an inch deep. Then, the carrot seeds just get scattered evenly in the furrow. And, I’m going to cover the soil, flatten it out. Before I put the burlap down, I want to make sure the soil is nice and moist. So, I want to water the area thoroughly. Then, going to lay down the burlap on top of the area just like that. And, in my garden I have lots of rocks. I’m going to use rocks to hold the burlap in place. You can also use plant stakes. And, these seeds are now protected. Carrot seeds will take about two weeks to sprout. I’ll keep checking for them when they’re sprouted. After they’re sprouted, I’ll take the burlap off. You know, I just love sustainable gardening, and I bet you do too. I’ve just showed you how to protect seeds with burlap. I’m Kathy Martin author of the blog “Skippy’s Vegetable Garden: A Journal of My Sustainable Garden.” Enjoy your sustainable garden, and grow some great vegetables.


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