Easiest Way to Grow Leeks

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Not all methods for growing leeks are created equal. Learn about the easiest way to grow leeks with help from an experienced gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Kathy Martin, author of the blog Skippy's Vegetable Garden, a journal of my sustainable garden. I'm here in my fall garden in Belmont, Massachusetts with my dog Skippy and his friend and I'm going to show you the easiest way to plants leeks. I'm going to show you two methods to plant leeks. The first is a trench method. So what I'm going to do is first make a trench. It's going to be about four to six inches deep. I like to do a nice row. The soil gets moved up on to the side. And then what we're going to do then is to plant leeks at the bottom of this trench. I have some little plants here. They get planted in the bottom of the trench, just like that. I'll plant them about six inches apart and fill up my trench. So these are planted now, they can use a little bit of fertilizer added to them. Water them in. And what the trick is here is that as the plants grow we'll fill in the soil that's here. And eventually when the leeks are tall the soil will be flat to the ground. I've used the trench method for this row of leeks here. The soil as you can see is level now. I filled it in as the leeks grew. And now the leeks are large and ready to be harvested. A different method to plant leeks is to simply dig a four inch hole. And I'm going to dig two. The plants can just be dropped in. Drop the leek into the hole and just give it a little push down to get the roots covered, and some soil falls around off the edges and adds some more coverage to the roots. As they grow you can fill in the hole. Leeks are ready to harvest when they're about an inch across. To harvest it I'm going to use the garden fork and loosen the soil and then I'm just going to pull out the leek and then shake off the dirt. I just love sustainable gardening and I bet you do too. I've showed you the easiest way to plant leeks. I'm Kathy Martin, author of the blog, Skippy's Vegetable Garden, a journal of my sustainable garden. Enjoy your sustainable garden and grow some super vegetables for your family.


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