What Do Real Chanel Handbags Look Like Inside?

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You can always tell a real Chanel handbag from a fake one by looking for a few key traits on the inside. Find out about what real Chanel handbags look like inside with help from a fashion and retail professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. I'm Hilary Arthur from arthuranddaughters.com here in the arthuranddaughters.com studio to talk to you about anatomy of a real Chanel handbag. So everyone knows what a classic Chanel bag looks like from the outside but do you know what its defining characteristics are in the inside? We're gong to take a look at what makes the inside of a Chanel bag unique today. So looking at this classic 2.55 Chanel bag there are some very interesting and defining features on the inside. This particular bag which was purchased in 2012 has this additional flap detail on the inside to protect the items you have inside and to keep them from falling out, of course. And the lining is this beautiful burgundy color which was inspired by the same burgundy color that the nuns used to wear at the convent where Cocoa Chanel was raised. The inside of the bag has all of these wonderful, functional pockets. Cocoa Chanel specifically designed the bag to be functional and easy for women to use. And she was one of the first designers to add inside compartments for organization. The Chanel logo is printed on the inside with the copyright and the fact, that of course, that it's made in France. Now this is a newer bag that was produced in 2012 and this particular bag was produced ten years ago and it doesn't have that additional flap on the inside. But what both bags have, what every Chanel bag has on the inside is an authentication number. Now this eight digit number is printed very small on the inside corner of the bag. And it also has two double "C" logos printed right next to it. Each bag comes with a authenticating card and there is an eight digit number right here on the card that also matches the eight digit number that's printing inside the bag. So no matter whether the bag has that additional flap on the inside or however the pocket detail may change year to year in the design, it's always going to have that eight digit number. I'm Hilary Arthur from arthuranddaughters.com and that is the anatomy of a real Chanel handbag.


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