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Many different famous designer handbag makers are responsible for that great handbag that you love and use on a daily basis. Find out about famous designer handbag makers with help from a fashion and retail professional in this free video clip.

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I'm Hilary Arthur from arthuranddaughters.com, and I'm here today in the arthuranddaughters.com studio to talk to you about two world famous handbag designers and two of their most beloved styles. Starting with the Chanel 2.55 bag that Chanel designed really for herself and it has turned into a, a classic bag that is functional and beautifully designed. Chanel was thinking of herself when she created the strap back in, in the 50s when this bag was made. Few bags had long shoulder straps. So, women are often had their hands full and couldn't do other things. So, Chanel created this long strap which could be put over the shoulder and women can have their hands free to do other things. Inside the bag, she also is one of the first designers to actually put functional pockets inside of the bag so that women can organize all of the items that they have inside. So, in addition to being functional, this bag is also very beautiful. This particular bag has caviar pebbled leather that give it a beautiful texture and a little bit of a shine that makes the bag transition beautifully from day looks to evening as well. In the back, again, Chanel always thinking about functionality, she also put a nice little pocket in the back that's hidden so when you're wearing it, no one sees it. There's outside pocket that you can stash some extra cash or a business card so you don't have to open the bag entirely to get those little things out that you might need. So, again, a great, very stylish bag and timeless. Another amazing design house also coming from France is Louis Vuitton. And one of their most classic styles is the Speedy bag. This bag was first introduced by the company in 1930 and at the time, the, the house was really known for designing luggage and travel accessories and this was one of the first handbags that they actually designed. The Speedy comes in a variety of sizes. This particular one is a 30 size, but the house designed a special 25 size in 1965 for Audrey Hepburn and that size is still available in, in stores. Many people think that the Louis Vuitton bag is made of leather when actually it is made of luggage canvas which is of course a note of how the company started creating luggage for travel. The fact that it's luggage canvas makes it extremely durable. It doesn't scratch, it, you can't stain it, stains and, and any kind of dirt just really wipes right off of the bag. I often called the Speedy my Mary Poppins bag because I can just keep putting things in it and it just continues to hold many many things. And the also the fact that it is luggage canvas makes it very light. So, again, you can put many things inside and you're not dealing with the weight of a heavy bag on its own, coupled with all of the things that you're putting inside of it. So, these are two amazing classic styles from two renowned world-famous handbag design houses. I'm Hilary Arthur from arthuranddaughters.com, and that's all you need to know about two world famous handbag designers.


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