How to Make a Pepper Burger

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The full name of the popular "pepper burger" is "pepita bisonburger." Find out how to make a delicious pepper burger with help from a restaurant owner and cookbook author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Bryan from Bryan's Black Mountain Barbeque in Cave Creek, Arizona. I have a restaurant, and I've written a cook book and I'd like to share some recipes with you. Today, I'm going to make, show you how to make a pepper burger, in this case poblano peppers. The full name of this recipe is a pepita bisonburger with a poblano and shiitake topping. So what we're going to do is start with two pounds of bison, this is ground bison. It's a great low fat alternative to regular beef. And I like to add a half a cup of pepitas. And what that is are toasted pumpkin seeds. It adds a nice texture, nice crunch to the meat. And then I also add two tablespoons of Bryan's Spice Rub that I make here at the restaurant. Now two pounds of bison will make four nice big quarter pound hamburgers. So we get all this mixed together here. OK. And I'll make one here. Make a nice big patty and we're going to pop that on the grill here. Bison needs to be cooked a little bit more rare than normal meat. It has less fat so it's better rare or medium rare. And I'm going to work on the topping. So I'm going to start with a nice pan here. A teaspoon of olive oil. This is one medium onion, julienne. This is two whole shiitake mushrooms. And I have a couple of, these are nice, big shiitake mushrooms here. If you have smaller ones, you probably need five or six of those. Put this on the stove, start letting that saute. What I also have done, these are poblano peppers here. What I've done is I've roasted these on the grill and put a little light coating of olive oil on these, put these on the grill until the skin blisters and it's black. And I'm going to put it in a paper bag. Close up the bag and let that steam in there for about ten minutes. When that's dong I'm going to take that pepper out and the skin just peels right off, just like that. I'll take that pepper, julienne that up. And this is two whole poblano peppers julienne and that also goes in the pan here. That gets sauteed on the stove, and our finished product here. This is a beautiful pepita bison burger with our shiitake topping here, and a little bit of Bryan's Barbeque Sauce. And that is a pepper burger. If you'd like more information on Bryan's Barbeque, myself or my cook book, please check out Bryan'


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