How to Barbecue Ribs on a Gas Grill

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Just because you've got a gas grill doesn't mean you won't be able to barbecue some ribs. Find out how to barbecue ribs on a gas grill with help from a restaurant owner and cookbook author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm chef Bryan Dooley from Bryan's Black Mountain Barbeque in Cape Creek, Arizona. I have a restaurant and I've written a cookbook and I'd like to show you how to do barbeque ribs on a gas grill. What we have here is a St. Louis cut spare rib. Now the most important, all that really means actually is that it's been squared off on the ends and the cartilage and the fat has been trimmed off. What we need to do first is to peel this membrane off the back. So what I like to do is take a paper towel, kind of get the corner of that with my fingernail, and pull this whole membrane off in one big piece here. And that's really important because that prevents the spice rub and the smoke from entering you know, making the meat taste better. So what we're going to do is take some of my spice rub, I'm going to season the back here. And then flip this over. And we're going to season top part of it. We put a little bit more on the top. It adds a nice crust to the ribs here. Like that. Now it's called a rub but you don't really need to rub it in. Just kind of pat it gently. And then we're going to take this and we're going to put this on our grill, just like this. Now when you're using gas you're not going to have that full smoked flavor like you would in a barbeque smoker. So what I like to do is I take a foil packet and in this case I have pecan wood chips. And I put them in here and then you make a little packet like this. And then poke some holes with a knife so the smoke can come out. And set this on our grill. Close up the grill and that should take about a couple of hours to cook that in there. And then what I like to do is show you how to make our prickly pear and lime barbeque sauce. We're going to start with five cups of tomato sauce, five cups of ketchup, this is four and half cups of prickly pear syrup. It really gives it that southwestern and Arizona flavor. A half a cup of raspberry vinegar, half a cup of the lime juice, one tablespoon of chili powder, a half a tablespoon of granulated garlic, one and a half tablespoons of salt, a half a teaspoon of black pepper, and a half a tablespoon of crushed coriander seed. And I like to do that fresh so it gets the nice oils in there. And take this, we'll put this on the stove. And we'll bring that up to a simmer. And that simmers for about fifteen, twenty minutes and it should be nice and thick. And then after about your two hours of it cooking on the grill, we have our finished product here. There you have it. This is how to cook barbeque ribs on a gas grill with a prickly pear and lime barbeque sauce. And if you'd like more information on me, my restaurant or my cook book please go to Bryan'


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