How to Make an Avocado Paste & Its Benefits

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Making an avocado paste has a number of different benefits that shouldn't be ignored. Find out how to make an avocado paste and learn about the associated benefits with help from a health director and executive vice president of Juiceateria in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, what's going on? I'm Chelsea Silverman, executive vice president, health director, and raw vegan chef here at Juiceateria. I am super excited to show you how to make an avocado paste. But not only that I'm going to tell you the benefits that are involved in this recipe. So lets get started.I'm going to take two avocados and olive oil. So first we'll start with our avocado. And we'll slice it up. And we'll take the other one and slice it up. Then we'll take the pits out. And again if you plant these in the ground you'll have a tree in a year or more. It will save money on avocados, these are expensive. Okay then we'll take the avocados and nicely brush them into our blender. Whichever high speed blender you use at home is all good. It's actually easy on digestion when you blend your food because you are not putting solid food in your body. So it gives your stomach a nice break. So I'll get these avocados in there. And then we'll wash off our hands. Or rub in the avocado because it is nutritious. And it's healthy for the skin. And we'll throw in some olive oil. Now you can just do a paste with avocado itself but I know olive oil has a lot of nice healthy benefits also. So I choose to use this in my avocado paste. About a tablespoon will work and you blend it up. So now we'll blend it up and make the avocado paste. And you are done. So here we have it, our avocado paste. And I want to tell you some benefits that are involved with this. Avocados are not only nutritious with the amount of protein that they have and good calories. And keep in mind that not all fats are created equal. So the fat in here is the fat that you want in your body. And once you put it in your body you won't go for the bad fats that are out there. Not only that avocados are cancer preventatives, very high in vitamin E. They're full of enzymes and certain minerals. And it's good for eye health, heart health, and it's so much more. So an avocado a day will definitely keep your doctor away. Chelsea Silverman signing out.


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